Redskins-Dolphins Winners & Losers

Handing out labels after Skins games. Today, a 20-9 depression-fest in Miami.


Ryan Kerrigan — 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 5 tackles. Continues to look like a terrific first-round draft choice.

Rex Grossman — Sure, he threw 2 interceptions and couldn’t muster a touchdown. But Grossman got back on the field, moved the team, and generally looked more like an NFL quarterback than John Beck.  Which isn’t saying much, but … well, there weren’t a lot of winners in this one.

Leonard Hankerson — The rookie caught 8 passes for 106 yards in front of a hometown crowd and 50 family members (or something), and reminded everyone why he was a source of offseason excitement.  Because it’s the Redskins, he also managed to get himself a painful looking injury.  I’m sure he’ll be out for all eternity.

Kevin Barnes — Intercepted Matt Moore, which is something that probably should’ve happened a lot more often.  Returned the ball to the 5, which wasn’t close enough for the offense to do anything with.

Perry Riley — Got the start ahead of Rocky McIntosh and played with enough energy and enthusiasm to overcome a few mistakes, make 7 tackles.

London Fletcher — London Fletcher is always a winner. Had something like 7 tackles.

Hope — In another terrible game in a dreadful season, it’s refreshing to see that many young guys on the Winners list.  Kerrigan, Hankerson, Barnes, and Riley — along with Brian Orakpo, Roy Helu, and a few other young guys who didn’t quite crack the Winners list — all could be playing to be part of a (hopefully bright) future on this team.  It helps a little bit that the offense moved the ball and didn’t seem eliminated from contention before ever taking the field.

Fred Smoot — Was excellent on CSNWashington’s postgame show.  I miss Fred Smoot.


Brandon Banks — Had one nice punt return, a 22 yarder that set the offense up with decent field position, which they squandered. Is not on the roster to provide the occasional decent punt return.

John Beck — Got benched for Rex Grossman. Remains winless as an NFL player. Was terrible enough during his starts that even Rex’s drive-killing interceptions seemed pleasant by comparison.

“Bad” Rex Grossman – Look, no matter what I said above, he threw two interceptions and couldn’t lead the team to a touchdown.

Mike Shanahan’s relationship with the local media — Shanahan unequivocally named John Beck the starter for this game before starting Grossman. The media HATES this kind of thing. Expect lots of references to “put his reputation on the line” this week.

Kyle Shanahan — An offense still not scoring touchdowns generally bodes ill for an offensive coordinator.

Trent Williams — More penalties, some suspect blocking, AND gets himself named by Adam Shanahan Schefter as someone who got dinged for lockout recreational drug use. Nice day.

Fred Davis — Also apparently enjoys some pharmaceuticals, also got caught.  He even failed to get his usual garbage time stats today, and dropped at least one catchable ball.

Anthony Armstong — Appears to have fallen behind something called a “David Anderson” on the depth chart, and was not only held without a catch but barely saw the field today.  The feel-good story of 2010 has taken a grim turn.

Graham Gano — Missed two field goals.  If you’re the only player on the field who can score points, you can’t leave points on the board.  He could’ve cut the margin of defeat in half!


Sucking for Luck — Whether you agree with it as a deliberate strategy or not (and I don’t), the Redskins happen to have put themselves squarely into contention for a really high draft pick — the obvious prize, of course, being Stanford QB Andrew Luck.  So the Dolphins getting their second win improves the Skins’ chances for a higher pick by a bit, but the Colts lost again and really seem to have this one on lock.  Also, I can’t believe we actually have to discuss this as a real thing.

19 thoughts on “Redskins-Dolphins Winners & Losers”

  1. jason taylor had a big sack. carlos rogers just made his 4th int. brandon lloyd scored today. I’m sure somewhere Jeremiah Trotter had a great day as well.

  2. I don’t see how we can win any of these last games. Maybe Minny at home?


  3. The more i watch Helu, the more i like him. Not sure why Shanahan doesn’t see the same thing.

    Kerrigan and Orakpo are responsible for 80% of the excitement for any given Skins fan. Thank God for them.

    Reed Doughty is approaching John Beck level of suck.

    /team Grossman

  4. Matt, love you but you’re insane for listing Rex as a winner. He’s definitely a medium.

    On another note I continue to fall in lust with Ryan Kerrigan.

  5. It might have been more accurate to call viewers winners because of Rex. John Beck was unwatchably bad; Rex is just prone to incredibly stupid mistakes.

    Technically, I guess that having Grossman in Winners AND Losers makes him medium. I am bad at math.

  6. Can we permanently put DeAngelo Hall on the losers list until he learns how to cover/tackle/stop talking shit after he gets burned? Agree with Ill on Helu, he possesses actual speed which is something we haven’t seen at RB in a long. I don’t know why he hasn’t been playing more this year.

  7. Please don’t let the Skins suck bad enough to get me in the draft. Plllleeeeeaassseee!! If I go there I’ll be Ryan Leaf bad in no time.

  8. So I’m calling this a win because I did actually get to take a nap. Also I woke up to my 2 year old having a fake phone conversation with her grandfather. “The Redskins fell down a lot, they don’t play football very good.” It prompted more napping.

  9. Dear Mike Shanahan,

    You, your son and your fucking offensive system suck. Either fix it, fire your son or make him quit. This scheme is outdated and took one of the greatest QB’s and one of the best runners of the late 90’s and early 00’s to ever make it work.

    If you aren’t going to fix it, please PSGO.


  10. Rex as a Winner? Are you kidding? There should be a general rule that for a QB to be a Winner he has to throw at least one TD.

  11. Yes, in hindsight I needed a “Winner (Relative To John Beck)” category. I really, really, really did not enjoy the John Beck Era. Nice man, enthusiastic interview, unwatchable quarterback.

  12. Are the Redskins the second worst team in football? Seriously. Colts clearly have the Luck sweepstakes wrapped up but I think the Skins might be the second worst. Seahawks, Rams both won yesterday. Carolina beat us.

    Although I’d say that Eagles fans are having the hardest time coming to terms with their team than us. I thought skins would go 7-9, maybe 8-8. Eagles were thinking 13-3 and SB.

  13. Matt says:
    Binning Shanny will be an absolute mistake. Yes we are a poor football team at present, however we have numerous starters out and no depth. Give Shanny time and he will build a great team. It may take another 3 years but what’s a few years when you are a Skins fan? We have suffered since 1991 so what is a few more years? Give the proven coach time to build and he will repay us. Rome was not built in a day!

  14. Winners:

    2011 Draft – Continues to show that if filled a handful of the gaping holes in our roster. Imagine how much worse we’d be if we’d traded up to take Gabbert? Kerrigan: Stud, Jenkins: By all accounts, the real deal, Hankerson: Promising and tantalizing young WR, Helu: has potential to be protoypical Shanny special. Seriously, this draft has more usable talent in it than the last 5 years of Vinny’s drafts combined.

    Shanahan – His mind games with the local media are hysterical.

    Perry Riley – Did exactly what you want to see from young players this season: Got a chance and made the most out of it, played hungry. Also, isn’t Rocky McIntosh.


    LaRon Landry – Continues to play breathtakingly mediocre football. Also, in addition to mean mugging and preening when he makes a tackle after a 15 yard game, added doing the exact same after SOMEONE ELSE has made a tackle after a 15 yard game to his repertoire. Bonus: Came off as a complete self involved turd in his post game interview.

    DeAngelo Hall – Alright, I’ll forgive the fact that you got beat by Brandon Marshall one on one, he’s a physical freak and one of the best possesion recievers in the game. But seriously, you LET ANTHONY FASANO BEAT YOU DOWN THE FIELD! How the hell does that even happen? You’d be more effective throwing a wet blanket on your man at the line and then laying down and taking a nap on the field. It’s like your tackling and coverage skills have some kind of inverse relationship to each other.

    Jason Reid – Still a woeful excuse of a columnist. He’s as out of touch and completely off base as Michael Wilbon, except without the coherent focus and compelling tone.

  15. I take back the PSGO I tweeted to MI that I gave Perry Riley after an idiotic penalty last season. He played well and “might” be a decent replacement when LFB hangs em up. Which I hope isn’t for a long time. LFB is easily one of the best ‘Skins in the last 5 years.

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