DMV: Now This Guy Is a Redskin

New Skins WR David Anderson did Coco’s dance once. [Krem’s Sports]

Mike Shanahan has a hard time saying the Redskins are rebuilding. [Bog]

First-half John Beck needs to play more like second-half Beck. [Fatpickled]

Five observations from Redskins-49ers, if you dare. [The Insider]

You’ve got to respect this homemade Sav Rocca jersey. [Bog]

Haynesworth was benched during Sunday’s Pats-Giants game. [PFT]

Nick Young is boycotting Michael Jordan’s shoes, you guys. [Bog]

Espinosa, Ramos finished top-five in SBN’s NL ROY vote. [Federal Baseball]

4 thoughts on “DMV: Now This Guy Is a Redskin”

  1. And look at the lower third: Skins 25, Lions 17; J Campbell 23/28, 328yds and a TD, Portis 125yds, Moss 140 and a TD. Those were the days, man! those were the days.

  2. Eagles lost, and I was poised and ready with my cell phone to take pictures of sad Eagles fans, but MNF never bothered to show any. What’s up with that? If the Redskins go down by a score, you’re sure to see a shot of the sad Hoggettes. Schadenfreude requires a personal touch!

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