Redskins-49ers Winners & Losers

Handing out labels after Skins games. Today, a 19-11 stinker to San Fran.


Jim Haslett — Considering the offense gave them zero relief with time of possession, field position or, you know, points, the D was pretty impressive.

Graham Gano — Nailed a franchise-record 59-yard FG at the half. Also toe-tapped a beautiful onside kick at the end, regardless of the outcome.

Ryan KerriganAbsolutely killed Alex Smith on an early sack.

Brian Orakpo — Picked up a sack as well.

Leonard Hankerson — Caught four passes for 34 yards in his first career start. Also, a two-point conversion.

Jabar Gaffney — Also caught four passes, one for a touchdown.

Keyaron Fox — Made a few nice special teams tackles.

Alex Smith — He is now what we hoped Jason Campbell would become.

David Akers — Nailed a 52-yarder, will never stop tormenting us ever.

Carlos Rogers — Didn’t hear his name all day. Flawless victory.

The uniforms — Both the 49ers and Redskins’ variations were glorious.


Brandon Banks — Decided to field a punt inside his own 5, and dropped it. Later dropped another punt. Loser is not a strong enough word.

Terrence Austin — His day included getting dinged for a 15-yard penalty, fumbling and dropping a fourth-down pass.

John Beck — It seemed that each of his 47 (47!) pass attempts resulted in either Beck a) locking in on a target, b) throwing to the wrong guy or c) checking down. Meaning, it was another bad game for John Beck, and the line wasn’t even that bad this time around. Oh, and Mike Shanahan said afterward, “We’re going to stick with John.” Sweet.

Mike Shanahan — I don’t even know what to say.

Kyle Shanahan — After going scoreless in Toronto/Buffalo, it took Gano’s record-breaking FG to get on the board today, aside from a garbage-time TD. We may hear more about that this week.

Trent Williams — Committed a silly, drive-killing personal foul. Also false started. Is fat.

Rocky McIntosh — Burnt by a no-name fullback for a 30-yard TD. Also was bad at tackling on Braylon Edwards’ 24-yard gainer.

Reed Doughty — Whiffed on Frank Gore, who took it for 27 yards.

Fred Davis — Dropped a pass early, padded his stats late.


Roy Helu — Got the first start of his career, and ran the ball alright (41 yards on 10 carries), but the real story is that he caught 14 passes to break Art Monk’s franchise record in criminal fashion. Also coughed up a crucial fumble in his own territory (next play: touchdown, San Francisco).

12 thoughts on “Redskins-49ers Winners & Losers”

  1. So, let me get this straight. Both longest FG and most rec’s/game were broken?

    I will say this, at least now we can weed out those fans among us who think these are positives.

    And by weed out, I mean, of course, take out back and put two in the grape… point blank.

    I’m at the end of my rope. Never thought this day would come. But now I’m just looking for an excuse.

    I’ve got better things to do than watch this current iteration of the Redskins, coaches, management and owners take a shit on my youthful memories, hopes, and dreams.

  2. this “worst team ever” theme is a little extreme. we all knew this would happen. week 12 last year we all said, okay lets build it up, deal with rex for a year then contend. that’s exactly what is happening. these are growing pains. our defense has been GOOD this year. we are an o-line and qb away. i just pray that danny stays patient.

  3. “we are an o-line and qb away.”

    even if that were true, which it isn’t, those are some pretty humongous fucking problems.

  4. I do feel that every aspect of this team is improved compared to last season except for QB. The fact that we are still loosing speaks to how far the quality of the team had sunk. That said, watching Beck at QB is killing me and the team. Dude can’t find an open receiver to save his life, and I don’t think I once saw him scan the field or look off coverage before throwing. I seriously doubt he is going to get better.

  5. Beck career numbers:

    YPA – 6.1
    Comp % – 57%

    That combination is awful and shows he’s just not capable of digesting coverages.

    Jamarcus Russell had a 6.0 YPA and 53% Cmp%. Dilfer had 6.5 YPA and 56%…

  6. This season is shot. Don’t worry. We are entering phase 3.
    PrePhase: Get rid of assholes
    Phase 1: clean house
    Phase 2: See who’s worth a damn
    Phase 3: Draft more& get a QB
    Phase 4: Build quality depth
    Phase 5: Win with depth and talent

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