Redskins-49ers Open Thread

My simple wish today is for the Redskins to remind us of why we watch.

Kickoff: 1 p.m. ET
Line: Redskins +4.5
Prediction: 49ers by 12
Beer: Alright, San Fran is coming to town. I wish Carlos Rogers would use his new hands to pick up a couple Pliney the Elder’s from the Russian River Brewing Co. I have a feeling that by the second quarter I’m going to wish he’d found a couple Pliney the Younger’s as well (it’s like an IPA … with balls). Cheers, also I’m not going to root for the draft till we hit 8 losses. I’ve made that promise to myself, and my kids. — Mr. I Beer Guy Chris Larkum

50 thoughts on “Redskins-49ers Open Thread”

  1. Fracas already narrowly averted. Seems a bunch of Niners walked through our team meeting out on the 50. DHall in the midst. Umbrage was taken. No one in the NFC respects us.

  2. also remember that Monday night game and Gruden mentioned something about the Redskins D being like the Steelers…LOL

  3. I would take Harbaugh over Shanahan right now. Atleast he cares and isnt just collecting checks and used the facilities tanning beds.

  4. as the saying goes. “we suck so bad im taking a shot of jim beam while the old lady is gone and make a red grapefruit mimosa because its a metaphor for us playing like bleeding vaginas and brandon banks SUCKS !!!” PSGO. youve heard that one, right?

  5. There are receivers open every play that you can clearly see watching the tv. Beck is so shook he isn’t even pretending to read the coverage.

  6. nice little punch/shove by deangelo. nothing says i’m a bitch more than throwing or shoving someone in the head after getting ran over

  7. I’m so frustrated with this team. The defense is ridiculously overrated. The coverage sucks, we are consistently a 1/2 step behind receivers, and VERNON FUCKING DAVIS WILL ALWAYS BE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD COVER HIM HE IS BIG AND SLOWER! Also, the offense is worst in the league, excuse the hyperbole. Oh and shut the F up about Smiths arm band. These guys talk like they put this stuff in the meat beat reel. Can’t i enjoy my shitty skins game in peace?

  8. Yesterday’s goat screw of an Army-Air Force game and now this bullcrap. I don’t even know why I keep watching this.

  9. Beck’s confidence is totally gone; you can tell he’s not looking at anything further than 5 yards on front of his face.

  10. Winner: Gano
    Winner Hankerson
    Medium: WR’s. Open most of the day, sorry ass QB can’t get them the ball
    Loser: Beck
    Loser: Shannagans
    Loser: Me for watching this game

  11. Hey if we can’t win through skill, let’s just keep pushing and shoving after the play is over. That’ll show ’em.

  12. brandon banks has sucked since getting stabbed outside a night club. jim harbaugh is a piece of shit. i love that he broke his hand punching jim kelly in the face.

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