5 thoughts on “Video: Watch Alex Ovechkin Call Bruce Boudreau a ‘Fat F-ck’”

  1. Yea, i watched it a few times and I can’t say 100% that he called him that. Ovi speaks with that thick accent and if he wanted to cuss at BB, wouldnt he just do it in Russian?? I agree with the post above that it may have been “fucking fuck” or somthing like that, which seems like somthing OV would utter

  2. Or maybe he was saying something quite kind in his native tongue? Either way, good to see BB have the balls to bench Ovi after that horrible giveaway on the late-game power play, and good to see Ovi is still competitive, and good to see we won. So, yay?

  3. It was in Russian, and loosely translates into “I can’t wait until the media makes a mountain out of a molehill over this phrase they will see me mouth that looks like ‘fat fuck’ in English!”

    Caps won, end of controversy.

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