Mark Brunell Is Still Really Broke

You may remember Mark Brunell as the creaky old quarterback who Joe Gibbs brought in to run a horizontal offense. You know, the guy the Skins paid a third-rounder and $43 million for? You may also recall he filed for bankruptcy. Well, now we know exactly how he lost his fortune, and then some:

“According to court filings, Brunell sank his fortune into nine businesses and enterprises, five of which are no longer in operation. Brunell is now the focus of no less than six lawsuits.

Among the biggest financial losers was a company called Champion LLC, which purchased high-end investment properties. But when the real estate market crashed, Brunell lost every cent of his investment and even more trying to cover the loans with his own money.

Another financial bust was Brunell’s investment in a Whataburger franchise. His entire investment was lost on that venture. In all, there are $24,729,766 in claims against the former Jags QB.”

Whataburger? If only he’d gone Five Guys. (Dan Snyder wishes the same.)

It’s a sad story, but it does partially explain why Brunell is still playing in the NFL. At 41, five years removed from being washed up with Washington, he’s Mark Sanchez’ backup in New York. Doesn’t explain how though.

10 thoughts on “Mark Brunell Is Still Really Broke”

  1. Imagine how much he would have if he would have invested that money in gold and silver, which have both about quadrupled since he first came into the league and at least doubled since he left the skins. A fool and his money…

  2. What’s with the Whataburger hate? He’s a football player, not a business man. Just because he made a name for himself doesn’t mean he knows how to run a business or businesses.

  3. Good Lord, this is old news! Why has all this stuff re-surfaced again. Mark Brunell is an extremely good guy, he is a kind man with a tremendous sense of community and family. He has hit some tough times financially and the public wants to bury him personally for some self admitted bad business deals. I’m confused … we as a general public want to forgive and forget lil’ Mikey Vick cause he went to jail and had a bad upbringing. Doesn’t matter that he brutally tortured and killed other living beings. It’s OK, he’s to be worshiped and lauded, but Mark Brunell loses his money, hurting nobody but himself and his family and we make it headline news! There’s the Wow!

  4. Carl,

    I’m sure Brunell is a nice guy and I agree that what he did was very different than what Vick did. But the article indicates that Brunell owes almost $25 million. That’s money that someone else needed to take care of their family and such – so it’s not like Brunell’s folly didn’t hurt anyone else.

  5. @ Chris,

    Well, we’re probably talking about institutional creditors, well-insured ones with deep pockets at that, so I’m not shedding tears for their “loss.”

    It’s a sad story because he was probably the victim of some smooth-talking shitheels who preyed on naivete, his ego, and poor economic sense.

  6. This is what happens to people that are filthy rich that try to become rediculously rich. What, the over 50 million he made in his career wasn’t enough? Nope, had to INVEST and try to make even more money.

    Any of these guys ever heard of secured bonds? Do you really need to make 15 percent on 50 million? Can’t just live with 3-5 percent guaranteed?

    He deserves to lose it….moron. Someone up above said he a quarterback not a businessman. Exactly – try investing in silver and gold or in bonds if you are a millionaire. He was greedy, tried to make even more tens of millions, and lost it all. No sympathy.

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