Redskins-Bills Winners & Losers

Handing out labels after Skins games. Today, a 23-0 stinker in Toronto.


London Fletcher — Made a red-zone interception and like 20 tackles.

Ryan Kerrigan — Made two or three nice plays in the backfield.

Sav Rocca — Is it possible that he wins offensive team MVP?

Brian Moorman — He always reminds me of Sean Taylor.

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Beard — RFB > John Beck’s mullet.

Chad Rinehart — He’s starting for the 5-2 Buffalo Bills.

The Derper He won our Predictions contest!


John Beck — That was … not a good game for John Beck. He was under incredible pressure and held the ball too long, getting sacked nine times. He also had no run support, no Santana Moss, etc., so I’m not sure how much to blame the guy. But I will say, his deep ball resembles a wobbly, off-target Hail Mary, and that’s indoors.

The offensive line — Just a little ditty about the O-line, whoever they are:

Kyle Shanahan — It’s not easy to get shut out in the NFL. And not bothering with the hurry-up, down 20 in the fourth? Impressive.

Ryan Torain — Was getting carries early on, but not yards.

Donte Stallworth — The first time I’ve heard his name this season he tripped over his own feet, causing an interception.

DeAngelo Hall — I don’t know who was right and who was wrong, but when Fox’s broadcast showed DeAngelo and London arguing on the sidelines I’ll let you guess who got the benefit of the doubt. (Update: Hall was playing peacemaker between London and Landry.)

Danny Smith — Had another field goal blocked. Again, PSGO.

Troy Aikman — How’d he get stuck calling this turd?

Mike Shanahan — 3-1 seems like forever ago.


Fred Davis — Eight catches, 94 yards. Garbage time all-star.

Brian Orakpo — Recovered a fumble, which is not a sack.

Leonard Hankerson — First catch! It’s Week 8.

14 thoughts on “Redskins-Bills Winners & Losers”

  1. I’m with Jamie, though I wouldn’t say Beckwagon. The o-line is horrible now and while he had a bad game I still remain convinced Grossman would have been worse.

    Who knows what to say about today’s game except that it sucked ass. Fletcher is the only winner in my eyes.

  2. Appreciate the effort. I was expecting the “Losers: everyone not named London Fletcher” then some brief drunken rambling.

    btw, wow they looked bad today. wow

  3. To clarify, D. Hall was actually breaking up Fletcher and I believe LaRon Landry. On the TD before Fletch was expecting help and it was nowhere to be found. Landry was supposed to be there I think.

    I think London wanted this game. He wanted to beat his former team and tried as hard as hell to make that happen. Nobody else was inclined to help I suppose.

  4. regardless of the lack of depth, it seems like HC Shanahan is trying to prove some type of point in losing. His smug and cocky like attitude during and after the games makes it seem like he dont give a shit anymore, just collecting checks. this is two years in a row the team has come out like gang busters, put is a decent record and then shit the bed the rest of the year. I know this is gonna sound bad, but dump the entire coaching staff after this year, offer rob ryan, dom capers, or bill cowher the gig and get this shit straight.

  5. I’m with TLJ. It’s like they just don’t care. The O Line is terrible, yet neither Kyle Shanahan nor Beck seemed to understand that and kept calling and/or not executing plays that would deal with that reality.

    Or maybe they both just suck too.

  6. I still can’t figure out why they don’t give Helu any carries. He was outstanding against the Cardinals and is clearly the most explosive back we have. Might as well trot him out there. What else do we have to lose?

  7. If the Redskins can’t get Luck, I’d hope to hell if I were a fan that they wouldn’t draft another QB early-on in next year’s draft.

    Without a solid O-line and some more weapons on offense, it would scream Patrick Ramsey 2.0.

  8. Observations:
    – We were clearly outcoached. When it was obvious Beck was gonna get bull-rushed why not some screens, slants, and other obvious revised coaching moves? Neither Shanahan is a genius
    – In spite of coaching, do these players give a s–t? What happened to playing for pride?
    – Neither Beck or Grossman is anywhwer close to NFL caliber. Accept that and adjust game planning rest of year. We don’t have the guns.

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