Explaining The Votes For Favorite Redskins Player

Whenever a fan-favorite player leaves the Redskins or gets put on IR or whatever, it immediately becomes time to properly identify that person’s place in the Best Redskins Of [Time Period] list. Which is why the news that Chris Cooley’s season was over led directly to a  “Favorite Redskins Player Of The 2000’s” poll over on Hogs Haven; the image above gives the standings as of whenever I took that screenshot.

Without taking anything away from these players, all of whom deserve accolades and have earned the support of fans, here’s how I interpret each of these results:

  1. Sean Taylor: He’s the one Redskins player of the last decade who never had the chance to really disappoint the fans. An exciting, amazing player who died while his career was still on the climb, so fan imagination extrapolates that slope into infinity.
  2. Chris Cooley: The sorts of people who vote in blog polls really like the sort of player who blogs.
  3. London Fletcher: He’s the one living Redskins player of the last decade who has somehow never really disappointed the fans. Also, the major free agency success amidst a whole lot of disappointing signings.
  4. Santana Moss: Moss can drink for free on the Monday night miracle forever.
  5. LaVar Arrington: End the career of a Hall of Fame Cowboys quarterback and you’re going to become some people’s favorite Redskins player, no matter what happens afterward.
  6. Clinton Portis: The sorts of people who vote in blog polls still have fond memories of the whole costumes thing.  (Interesting note: Portis was the biggest mover from the time I first checked in on the poll to today, falling two spots. I guess people are more inclined to vote for Washington/Dallas milestones than for Dolemite Jenkins.  Sad.)
  7. Chris Samuels: Certain people who remember the Hogs feel ideologically obligated to insist that their favorite player is an offensive lineman.
  8. Fred Smoot: Only eight Hogs Haven voters were reading Steinberg’s Bog back in 2007-2008.
  9. Other: “I am a hipster Redskins fan and want to claim that Darnerian McCants was deeply underrated.”

Somewhere, Jason Campbell is weeping softly.

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  1. Fred Smoot’s play in the ’07 season, post Taylor’s death, was inspirational. Anything he did good or bad before or after is irrelevant to me.

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