Redskins-Panthers Winners & Losers

Handing out labels after Skins games, this time a 33-20 loss to Carolina.


London Fletcher — Because London Fletcher is pretty much always a winner, even when he leaves the game with a hamstring injury. But if you need a specific reason, he’s a winner for his amazing hit to keep Newton out of the endzone on the first Carolina drive.

Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan — I find it strange (bordering on idiotic) that I’ve listed three linebackers as Winners in a game where the Redskins couldn’t tackle, couldn’t stop Cam Newton, and gave up 407 yards to a 1-5 team, but I love watching these guys play. They give me hope for the future of this team, which is something that was in short supply today. More quantifiably, Orakpo got a sack on a free run to the quarterback. That was fun.

Rex Grossman — Threw no interceptions. Didn’t have to watch this game because he was in the locker room getting an IV for pneumonia. Rex has set the bar low enough that both of those things count as wins.


Fred Davis — Finished with 6 catches for 80 yards and a touchdown, and the FOX announcers were lauding his work as a run blocker. But he seemed to vanish at points in the game, and had at least one horrible drop on a catchable ball. Also loses points for being incapable of singlehandedly carrying an entire offense, which he was being asked to do.

Tim Hightower — 17 carries, 88 yards, at least one terrific block on a pass play, and a really grim-looking knee injury.

The Defensive Backs — Did nothing notably horrid, but mainly spent the day showing up in the background of shots of Steve Smith catching the ball.


John Beck — His stats probably only warrant a Medium ranking at worst (22-for-37, 279 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 pick, 1 fumble), but he’s in this section because he’s clearly cursed by fate. Finally given the chance to prove that he can play in the NFL (and back up his offseason brio), he winds up behind a completely reshuffled offensive line, with Erik Cook snapping him the ball, with his Pro Bowl tight end lost to injury, and he almost immediately loses his starting running back and the only fully proven receiver on the team. The universe hates John Beck.

Jim Haslett — There was a lot of talk during the broadcast about how prepared the team was for various eventualities, but they appeared completely overmatched by Newton, and things like THIS happened:

Brandon Banks — Is on the roster because of his potential as an explosive special teams gamebreaker. Does nothing.

DeAngelo Hall – DHall didn’t have a terrible game, and he’s done plenty of more egregious things in his NFL career (heck, he’s done more egregious things in this stadium, but emphatically celebrating an interception you ALMOST made is going to land you in the Losers section every time.

Jabar Gaffney — I was more upset by his first-half fumble before the game started feeling like rout, but — especially combo’ed up with a notable drop — it was still an unfortunate play.

Beck’s Oktoberfest — I bought this beer because, hey, John Beck! October! (And also because it was on clearance.) I can now safely say that Beck’s Oktoberfest beer is worse than Beck’s October debut.

Change — Arguably the biggest loser of all. This felt SO much like a Redskins game from 2009 or 2010 — offense not clicking, defense unable to make necessary stops, losing to a team that came into the game with one win, losing to a rookie quarterback — that I’m having trouble drumming up much optimism for the rest of the season.

Top photo from the AP; GIF of Newton’s run via @bubbaprog.

16 thoughts on “Redskins-Panthers Winners & Losers”

  1. I really hated Graham Gano for a long time. But he has made field goals this year and put every kickoff through the endzone. Can’t ask for more

    Winner- Washington Capitals

  2. Redskins are 0 for their last 7 against rookie quarterbacks.

    MEDIUM: Logan Pauhlson – a couple sure handed grabs and adequate blocking.

  3. Winners:

    Adam Carriker – surprisingly not as terrible as he looked last year.

    Redskins fans – Hey, at least they didn’t jerk us around and wait until week 14 to show us they’re not a very good team. I appreciate the honesty.


    Reed Doughty – As long as he is on the roster, I refuse to believe the Redskins have “turned the corner.” Pack Shit, Get Out!

    Orakpo – Yeah, he got a free shot at Newton, but spent the rest of the game biting badly on play action and sealed off on running plays. He’s been awfully one dimensional this year.

  4. I too enjoy the fact that we are losers opposed to later in the season….At least it’s not too late to jump into the suck for luck sweepstakes..let me pray to jack kent cooke and things may get better

  5. This loss really stings. The Redskins are the only team in the league that can make 1-5 teams look like Superbowl Champs. If Fletcher is out for any extended period of time this team is going to crumble like a cupcake.

  6. Jim Haslett continues to fail in plain sight. Football Outsiders Almanac had a great run down of how bad his D’s have been over the years (and how those same defenses improved when he left). 7 times in 14 completed seasons, his defenses have ranked 26th or WORSE in points allowed. His defenses have finished better than 10th in points allowed 1 single time in 14 years, with Pit way back in 1997. You think Pit misses him? He’s incompetent.

    So this is the ShanaPlan? 1. Hire Haslett. 2. Hire idiot son. 3. Way overpay for McNabb. 4. Alienate McNabb and crush his limited trade value. 5. Sign Beck (30 yr “young guy”) and the Sex Cannon. 6. Look cross a lot. 7. Collect Danny’s fat paychecks.

    Shanahan post-Elway: 11 seasons as head coach coming into this year. 4 playoff trips. 1-4 playoff record. This guy is the greatest coach evah!!!

  7. Kyle Shanahan is a fucking loser! What was that horseshit play calling int he first half? I dont recall ever once throwing the ball down field on one of the worst Ds in the league!

    John Beck is a winner. Its nice to have a QB t5hat doesnt shut down in the Red Zone and actually attempts to score fucking touchdowns. Clearly not a future hall of fame qb, but he is leas and bounds better than Rex.

  8. @Carlos: FWIW: Take a look at Belichick’s career without Brady sometime–it’s worse. Also (and not to defend Shanahan so much as just to counter a completely trite and played out argument) note that Elway never won a Super Bowl without Shanahan. It goes both ways.

    I think the important thing to note here is that this was supposed to be a rebuilding season; going into August we had a roster that looked like it should go 3-13. We’re 3-3. It seems about right.

  9. A big angle that I thought some of the other posts missed was the running game and penalties. I was only following on Game Channel, but I got the gist of the fact that the Skins could have exploited the 95 yds of Carolina penalties, but didn’t. Tim Hightower was used pretty often in the rush, but what about Torain who was so important other weeks? From an opposing fan’s perspective y’all had enough tools to make it a different O game.

  10. At least we’re on the right path. This team had zero suitable personnel for what Shanahan was trying to do from the beginning (thanks Vinny) slowly but surely though we’re making strides. This season’s still part of the rebuild. Let’s just hope Danny doesn’t get too impatient…

  11. The false arrogance of the Shanahans was on full display yesterday. With 36 seconds in a 6-6 game from the Redskins 31 yard line they call 2 pass plays (John Beck is the goddamn quarterback) and Gaffney fumbles on the second one, gift 3 points for the Panthers. Fast forward to 3rd quarter (20 minutes of regular time later)3rd and 2 from the Panthers’ 42 we call a pass play, incomplete. Instead of punting the Shanahans go for it with another fucking pass play, sack. Panthers score touchdown 2 plays later and 10 points is insurmountable for a Redskin offense.

  12. Terps77 – i remember thinking those first half short-pass plays were a result of the limited knowledge beck had of the playbook. would have liked to see some bombs.

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