DMV: Read Chris Cooley’s Must-Read Response

I hired him to blog for Yahoo! Sports’ Shutdown Corner once upon a time, so keep that in mind when I say this: When he puts his heart and some time into it, Chris Cooley is the best athlete blogger I’ve ever seen. If you don’t believe me, read his missive on those who are attacking him for saying he enjoyed watching Tony Romo lose a game. [Cooley Zone]

Four pleasant surprises for the Skins through four games. [Hogs Haven]

The Redskins are the NFL’s 8th-most popular team. [Bog]

“The locked-out Wizards fan’s guide to the Capitals.” [Capital Comment]

Bryce Harper, rooting for the Yankees on Twitter. [Nats Enquirer]

Nats blogger eulogizes the Nats season on a nat’l blog. [Big League Stew]

SLAM says John Wall is the NBA’s 25th-best player. [Bullets Forever]

Maryland’s new football truck is “pretty badass.” [Testudo Times]

Springarn has a 4’11”, 93-pounder on the varsity football team. [WaPo]

Words and pics from Jens Lekman’s show at 6th & I Synagogue. [DCist]

I wrote a thing about Steve Jobs, kind of, on my Tumblr. [Mottram Station]

2 thoughts on “DMV: Read Chris Cooley’s Must-Read Response”

  1. Gil was great, but I don’t think he actually wrote any of that stuff. I think his blog posts were the result of him talking to an editor on the phone, and that editor then crunching the conversation down into a post.

    Cooley can actually write.

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