DMV: Dan Snyder Is the 1 Percent

Dan Snyder is now the happy part-owner of the Lady Anne, a 224-foot, $70 million “superyacht.” My favorite details: it’s one of the 100 largest yachts in the world, has a five-story staircase and needs a crew of 18. Think about that next time you pay $9 for a FedEx Field Bud Light. [Reliable Source]

Chris Cooley enjoys watching Tony Romo choke, wants to fight him. [Bog]

Cooley also talked about his lack of catches in an amusing way. [Bog]

Steinz has some fun with LaRon Landry’s mysterious bathroom break. [Bog]

This is late and long, but these Redskins recaps are worth it. [Armchair LB]

Looking at how Bruce Boudreau’s Caps have evolved. [Japers’ Rink]

A good look at what to expect from these Nats in 2012. [Nats Baseball]

Rejuvenating the B.J. Upton-to-the-Nats ruminations. [Nats Blog]

Nats TV ratings on MASN weren’t good this year. Really not good. [Bog]

ESPN thinks JaVale McGee is the NBA’s 99th-best player. [Truth About It]

Tony Kornheiser is against ESPN 980’s podcast policy, and he’s right. [Bog]

5 thoughts on “DMV: Dan Snyder Is the 1 Percent”

  1. Danny can sail into the deepest of oceans in the fanciest of ships with the saltiest of crews; he’s never going to escape that nebbish 5 foot 9, buck-60 soakin’ wet body of his.


    He’s on a boat.

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