Redskins-Rams Winners & Losers

Handing out labels after Skins games. Today, a 17-10 win at St. Louis.


Ryan Torain — In his first action of the season, he was really impressive, running guys over, juking others and showing a burst I forgot he had. Picked up 135 yards on 7.1/carry and found paydirt. Will be interesting to see if he starts after the bye.

Brian Orakpo — Was on Sam Bradford all day. Recorded 2.5 sacks, caused a false start and kind of forced the fumble that Barry Cofield recovered.

Ryan Kerrigan — Got a sack and actually did force the Cofield fumble.

Barry Cofield, Adam Carriker and Stephen Bowen — Combined for three sacks and a fumble recovery. Awesome effort.

Jim Haslett — The defense played great, carrying a shutout into the fourth quarter, at which point the offense did their worst.

Sav Rocca — Seven punts at 45.9 per, including a net 63-yarder late.

Delaney and TJL — They both nailed their prediction. (Email me, fellas.)


Rex Grossman — Played so bad it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s benched over the bye. And, yes, I realize they’re 3-1 and John Beck is John Beck.

Kyle Shanahan — Refuses to run the ball when he really should.

Tim Hightower — Averaged three yards/carry. Dropped two passes. Seemingly lost his job to Torain.

Brandon Banks — Got nothing on returns. Dropped (and recovered) a punt. Let another bounce at the 22; it was almost downed inside the 5.

Jammal Brown — False started on 4th-and-4, which was unfortunate.

Danny Smith — You know anytime anything goes wrong on special teams we’re blaming Smith. Today it was not one but too unnecessary roughness calls on punt return coverage. The first, on Perry Riley, was questionable, but the second, on Niles Paul, was not.

Leonard Hankerson — Where the hell is Leonard Hankerson?

Rams fans — We have it pretty bad, but that team is on another level.


Mike Shanahan — His team won and is somehow 3-1 at the bye, which is great, but how do you act like a 14-point first-half lead is insurmountable? They had the ball on their 20 with timeouts and almost two minutes left, yet they went into clock-killing mode. It almost came back to bite ’em.

Santana Moss — Scored a pretty touchdown. Also dropped a pass that turned into an INT.

23 thoughts on “Redskins-Rams Winners & Losers”

  1. Winner: Me. Attended my first Redskins win. Very happy. Also the Rams fans were very nice and no heckling was done to me for our ineptitude. The anguish in the building was palpable though.

  2. @JDP — was it a sellout? I know the Rams are having trouble there.

    Also, didn’t D’Angelo Hall have a stupid personal foul after getting beat in the red zone?

  3. I was so close on my prediction. I’m also convinced right now that Kyle is designing play calls with crayons on Denny’s placemats.

  4. @WFY

    It was pretty empty at kickoff, then filled up for the most part by half then emptied midway through the 4th quarter. I will say this though, the place was loud. I’ve never been in a dome before though so maybe thats normal. But it got really loud on third downs.

  5. In hindsight my favorite part of watching that game was when Tim Ryan said, “The definition of picture in the dictionary is James Laurinaitis.”

    Skins win, Wake wins, Philly loses, Dallas loses- I won this weekend.

  6. Losers: all of the American sports media, for slurping Tony Romo all week long. How many times does one QB have to choke away to no longer get the benefit of the doubt?

  7. I love Rak & Kerrigan. Skins are getting to the point where we can start claiming elite bookends at OLB. Maybe the best tandem in the league.


    The Kerrigan “motor” comment is quickly becoming as annoying as people referencing the Borat “Naaaiiiiicce” circa 2005. Next jackass to cite his “motor” needs a tack hammer to the head.

  8. Losers :

    Anyone who complains about anything at 3-1 thru four games. You’re in first place, with the tie-breaker, a quarter way through the season. There’s been more criticism after this WIN than last year’s loss @STL…

    Banks : he’s not about to break one, ever. Returning punts/kicks is difficult but it’s you’re only job; get north and south.

    Winners :

    Defensive front : excellent job all day long. i think we forget how tough a defensive assignment healthy SJax is for four quarters. Also, the pass rush is legit.

    Rocky : best game as a Skin ever?

    Running game : everyone please stay healthy – from o-line to Helu/Torain/Hightower – because you’re a bitch to for defenses to gameplan against.

  9. Hightower recovered a fumble and made a tackle to prevent a pick six. That’s enough te elevate him to medium. Also, he never has a hole to run through. Let him come in after the other guys soften up the d line. – signed, guy with Hightower on his fantasy team.

    PS – Can Banks stop doing his Randle-El impersonation?

  10. Tim Ryan was beyond awful. The master of football cliches and re-stating what just happened.

    Hightower should have been a loser purely based on that 4th quarter drop on 3rd down which would have resulted in a 1st down during a period of the game where we really needed some offensive momentum. Maybe its just me, but it seems like Helu and Torain are able to find holes but Hightower can’t.

  11. Rocky’s play left me speechless. Am I supposed to expect more of him now?

    Also, the two personal fouls on punt returns were tough to accept. They are both bang-bang and the league offers the option to fair catch to avoid decapitation, use it. I don’t fault anyone in the burgundy and gold for those.

  12. Winners: Drunk, belligerent Skins fans at the game doing their best philly fan imitations. Four fans were thrown out of the game by me.

    Losers: Rams fans for complaining like little bitches about the conduct of said fans.

  13. Is it me, or are the Skins getting worse each week? I’m pretty sure the rest of the leauge will figure out the 7 or 8 plays they run.

  14. I agree with illformula, the league gives you an out to not get crushed on a punt, use it. I blame Pettis as much as I do the two Redskins that demolished him.

  15. Rocky looked great. He blew up that SJax screen in the 1Q.

    As for the rest, I’m happy with the win/record/bye week. Hope lil’ Shanny starts calling plays for the Offense that reflect our strengths and weaknesses. Rex is a serviceable QB for this team this year, let’s keep him in his comfort zone, i.e. handing the ball off to our 3 RBs.

  16. HIP HIP on Rocky. dude played great

    To me, the unraveling offense is all on Kyle. Run the damn ball, then go to the pass. Not the other way around.

    Rex is a turnover machine. Anyone thinking differently is only fooling themselves

  17. People were ready to stand behind Campbell forever, despite his continued lack-luster performances. They claimed his line was poor, not enough games in the system to give you a true sample size.

    Now these very same people are calling for Rex’s head? Give me a break.

    Guy threw a gorgeous TD in the first QTR, had 1 awful INT, and one INT that was entirely on Santana.

    Oh ya, and the Redskins are 3-1, let’s pull the starting QB…

  18. Cosign on Brendan’s comments. We’re 3-1, let’s keep with what’s working (run game and defensive pressure) and tweak what’s not (Run-pass ratio on offense).

    Although the fact that this is the 5th time since ’01 we’ve started 3-1 is telling about how little this means.

    But at least we’re not philly or the cowboys.

  19. A little harsh on Brown, considering I don’t know if I heard Chris Long’s name mentioned once during the game. Thought it was his best game.

    Tim Ryan wouldn’t stop yapping about the Rams penalties even though the Redskins had more penalties and a lot more penalty yards. How does he have a job? He’s a an extemely dumbed down version of John Madden, if that’s possible.

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