Redskins-Rams Predictions

Last week’s winner, Smoot’s Yacht Rental, is deployed in Afghanistan, so he’s tardy with his prize, which is a guest post. Like he gives a shit.

I do want to say, though, that we’re honored and delighted to have a reader over there. Let’s hope the Skins win on Sunday to give him a little joy.

Now, on with the picks. The way it works is our staff posts predictions before each game, and you’re encouraged to do the same. Whichever reader comes closest to nailing the outcome (winner plus score) gets to post whatever they want the following week.

Matt Terl: Rams, 24-10

I can’t put my finger on why, but I’ve got a really bad feeling about this one. I hate the matchup against 0-3 teams, especially when the 0-3 team in question didn’t expect to be terrible — I think the possibility of not getting a win in the first quarter of the season makes players and coaches desperate. And maybe I’m just scarred from the trip to St. Louis last year, or the Rams’ visit to FedEx in 2008, or even the matchup in 2009 which managed to somehow be a demoralizing win for the Redskins. Whatever the reason: bad feeling about Sunday.

Chris Mottram: Redskins, 27-13

The winless Rams have been pretty awful this season. They are scoring 12 points per game, while allowing 32 per game, second-worst in the NFL. It’s hard to imagine the Skins defense, which has been among the stingiest in the league so far, letting St. Louis light it up against them. And their offense has moved the ball effectively enough that they should be able to put up more than enough points to win. While this feels like the proverbial “trap game,” all signs point to an easy Washington win en route to a 3-1 first quarter of the season.

Andy Peden: Rams, 24-20

I hate this game. I’m already having flashbacks to the Pete Kendall fumble before half game. That Rams game, I believe, was right before the bye week and that Rams team, like this one, was terrible. So I’m going with Rams 24-20. FML

JP Finlay: Redskins, 31-16

The Skins get back to what worked for most of the game Monday night. Run the ball, make tackles and don’t all out blitz on 3rd & 21. The defense comes out fired up and batters poor Sam Bradford. Hightower and Helu combine for 150 yards, Rex only has one turnover to go with two touchdowns, and the Skins win with relative ease.

Todd Davis: Redskins, 35-10

Classic trap game, boring stadium, a team that’s way better than their record. All the elements for a standard Synder-regime meltdown. Times are changing and the cold, heartless style it really takes to win in the world of Shanahan begins to show. No doubt about it.

Jack Kogod: Rams, 23-17

I believe in nothing.

Me: Redskins, 27-16

Composite prediction: Redskins, 24-18

38 thoughts on “Redskins-Rams Predictions”

  1. redskins 20 – 10.
    sexy rexy turns it over, but only once. cooooooooooley gets his first td of the year and london and the d shuts down the impotent rams’ o.

  2. Rams 26 Skins 19. Gano kicks 4 field goals, Skins only TD comes after a Bradford fumble inside the 10. Game tied at 19 when Bradford leads a 2 minute drill for a TD. Steven Jackson finishes it off.

  3. Rams 17-16

    Skins’ red zone woes continue. Gano has another kick blocked, this time taken to the house. Banks has a punt return called back. Helu however, has a breakout game.

  4. 17-10 ‘skins
    The good guys actually score td’s their first 2 out of 3 trips inside the 20 but the offense fizzles after that. Defense is effective for all but 2 plays

  5. 17-13 SKINS

    a bunch of shitty offense with above average defense by the Skins and unpredictable special teams.

    Still having a mental skull fuck from MNF hopefully this game will relieve me.

  6. 24-13 skins. superior discipline and talent get us through. (i don’t get to say that often about the redskins). Grossman has a great day, Helu pushes his claim for more carries and the front 7 on D account for 4.5 sacks.

  7. Skins win 9-7. Botched FG, redzone turnover and/or clock management issue from earlier in the game lingers as the Rams have a shot to take the lead late. (not sure if this qualifies as a prediction or “just about every game from the past 7 years”)

  8. 31-13 Rams. Redskins come out listless, Bradford looks like Favre, grumblings for John Beck emerge. Only a relentless Kerrakpo and Landry provide a spark. Hall gets burned again and again.

  9. Skins 16 – Rams 14. Gano wins it with a kick in the final 2 minutes. But offensive woes continue to the tune of 1 TD and 3 red zone visits ending in FGs.

  10. Redskins 20, 10

    I hate this game as well. I hate how we always play down to the Rams, but as previously mentioned. The times are a changin’ (I hope)

  11. Redskins 27
    Rams 24
    John Beck will come in and mount a huge comeback just like Jeff Rutledge against the Lions in 1990. The game winning score will be a QB draw by Beck (like Rutledge).

  12. Skins 27
    Rams 3

    After the NFL today, Terry Bradshaw gets drunk, picks up Mel Tillis in a stock car and drives it into someone’s swimming pool.

  13. Skins 23, Rams 16.
    Skins overcome ugly first half to pull out solid victory. Rams only touchdown is scored by the defense.

  14. Our Skins 26 – Rams 20

    Turf is going to speed this game up a little. Our Skins can keep up. The Rams still have their stable stud nicked up with his recurring quad injury. Bradford may suffer through more learning years than Peyton Manning did.

    -Our Uncle Skins

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