About the Orioles’ (Excessive?) On-Field Celebration

That is why Adam Jones is one of the few athletes worth following on Twitter. The sentiment is also why the O’s received mild criticism for reveling in their victory and Boston’s late-season collapse.

Baltimore finished strong this year, but finishing strong in Baltimore only means avoiding 100 losses. For the sixth straight year, the O’s failed to crack 70 wins. They haven’t won 80 in 14. Think about how miserable that must be for those in the organization. It’s miserable enough for me as a fan. Every single player and coach on this team only knows failure, at least since they came to Baltimore. This is Birdland.

On the other side of the diamond, Boston has known nothing but success, at least for the better part of a decade. Much of it’s due to talent and good fortune, but some of it’s due to their competitive advantage in the payroll department. Boston’s players made $161 million this year. Baltimore’s made $85M. In previous years the disparity has been even more severe.

And over the years the O’s have had a front-row seat to the lopsidedness. Getting Boston for 18 games a year is one thing. Having their fans invade your park for nine of those games, year after year, is another. It’s no wonder things get testy. It’s no wonder Baltimore wanted this, and got zealous when they won, ending the Red Sox season.

They weren’t overzealous, though. It was their biggest game of the year, and it was their biggest win of the year. In that sense, it was their World Series, and they won it. Let them jump and shout if they like.

It may seem silly from afar, maybe. But get home safely, Red Sox fans.

5 thoughts on “About the Orioles’ (Excessive?) On-Field Celebration”

  1. I loved the reaction, it was authentic. At some point ESPN determined that athletes need to be robots unless Skip Bayless gives them permission to be happy.

    F Skip. And F the sox.

  2. I’m no fan of the Orioles, but if you had to listen to 20,000 Red Sox fans cheering against you whenever you play them IN YOUR OWN STADIUM, you’d probably celebrate knocking them out of the playoffs, too. I just wish the Nats last win against Atlanta had been the decisive one for the Braves. “Get home safely, Braves fans.” :)

  3. Im a die hard O’s fan and what I saw out of this team this year was embarrassing. Players, out of position, unable to advance runners, hitting into double plays, all employed by an organization seemingly dedicated to destroying the arms and minds of its best pitching “prospects”. The junk-yard lineup combined with the desert landscape that is this organization’s minor league system has me questioning why I even follow the game.

    Where was this competitive fire in June or July? The O’s may have finished strong, but it looks like more upheaval is on the way with McPhail leaving.

    While personally happy for the O’s players and seeing Red Sox fans disappointed, I cant get excited for this win. While it is a win in a season where wins deserve to be celebrated, but the O’s were once a very proud franchise and watching that celebration broke my heart a little. Because I know it will be the same thing next year. And the year after and probably the following year. Our season highlight is keeping another team from post season play while the O’s languish 30 or 40 games under .500.

    Orioles Magic. Feel it happen.

  4. I had no problem with it and if you understand the composition of this team – in addition to what’s mentioned above – you’d have no problem with it either. Look at the age and experience of the starting lineup against the Redsox that night:

    Andino – mid 20’s, 2nd season
    Hardy – Late 20’s, first season with team
    Markickass – late 20’s, only team veteran – 20yr old vet
    Vlad – old, always happy
    Wieters – mid 20’s, 2nd full year
    Jones – mid 20’s, 3rd full year
    Reynolds – late 20’s, 1st year with team
    Reimold – mid 20’s, never had a full year with team

    None of these guys, outside of Roberts and Kickass have been around for the multiple years of suck. Do they need leadership? Absolutely. But they also stepped up in the first playoff-like experience they’ve ever had. Some leadership may be born out of this season (Hardy, I’m looking at you) and with some starting pitching I see 3rd place in their future.

    /sad face

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