Tony Romo Is Gutsy

Yes, Tony Romo played with a broken rib. But let’s look at his line from the game: 255 yards, 7 yards/catch, 0 touchdowns, 1 interception, 70 passer rating. There is nothing spectacular about that. There was nothing spectacular about that game, in general. Yet this morning, Romo is the GUTSIEST GAMER this side of Brett Favre, who managed to WILL his team to victory on the strength of his TOUGHNESS alone. To wit!:

And my personal favorite:

This is the same quarterback who, in Week 1, lost the game for the Cowboys against the Jets and left everyone wondering why he just “can’t get it done” in “crunch time.” Now he rules the NFC East after a sloppy, six-field-goal win. Amazing how a broken rib can alter the narrative.

UPDATE: Sportscenter will not be outdone in the Romo fellating sweepstakes:

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12 thoughts on “Tony Romo Is Gutsy”

  1. I wish someone would compile a video montage of Romo screaming and bitching at his teammates and coaches throughout the game, then smiling and giggling with satisfaction after he led his team to a 6th stalled drive in ‘Skins territory.

    What a gutsy leader!

  2. Not since Jesse Owens at 1936 Berlin Olympics has there been a more herculean, socially important and dare I say, sacrosanct performance than Tony Romo’s zero touchdown evening.

  3. I had this really weird dream last night where Jaws and Tony Romo somehow eloped to Mexico, where they met Andy Dufrene and they all went laughing and skipping off into the sunset.

    Weird stuff.

  4. Can we get a post on the DMVs role in the playoffs??
    -nats take 2 of 3 from the braves in the final days
    -O’s incredible win tonight (loved the celebration)
    -ex natinal Luis Ayala giving up the lions share of rays runs.

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