DMV: Watch Strasburg Strike Out Mike Stanton With 99-MPH Heat

This is a rather well-shot fan video of Stras pumping gas. [Nats Enquirer]

Assessing the Nats’ starting rotation situation for 2012. [Nats Insider]

Good news, O’s fans: Matt Wieters is becoming Matt Wieters. [Fangraphs]

Camden Yards attendance has dropped 41% since 2000. 41%! [Y! Sports]

Watch Vlad Guerrero hit a highly improbable triple. [Baseball Nation]

If you liked Winners & Losers, you’ll love these. [Bog, Armchair Linebacker]

This Brandon Banks-on-Twitter-inspired artwork is funny. [Redskins Blog]

In case you were wondering, Carlos Rogers still can’t catch. [SB Nation]

Alex Semin speaks for the first time since Matt Bradley-gate. [Puck Daddy]

Photos: Alex Ovechkin got pied for this 26th birthday. [RMNB]

The Caps will wear their throwbacks for 16 away games. [On Frozen Blog]

Five things learned from Maryland’s crazy loss to West Va. [Testudo Times]

If Pitt is ACC-bound they should be rivals with Maryland. [Testudo Times]

One man’s predicted order of finish for CAA hoops. [UNCW Basketball]

4 thoughts on “DMV: Watch Strasburg Strike Out Mike Stanton With 99-MPH Heat”

  1. How gratifying is it to see Carlos “Manos de Piedra” Rogers clear that call with his heads instead of his hands?

    Schadenfreude: Making the world a better place!

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