The Nats Make Peter Angelos Even Filthier Rich All the Time

иконографияI think most of us knew this already, but a recent article in the NY Times on regional sports networks lays it bare:

Major League Baseball knew in 2004 that its plan to move the Montreal Expos to Washington, D.C., was angering Peter Angelos, the owner of the Baltimore Orioles. A personal injury lawyer known for litigating asbestos cases, Angelos feared that he would lose business to the team, now the Nationals, if he shared the Baltimore market with them. It was clear to baseball that he would sue if he was not placated.

The solution, reached after six months of negotiations, was an unusual one that proved just how valuable regional networks had become. It featured the creation of a new network, solely to make Angelos happy. Or at least mollified. […]

The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, then, was formed to carry the Orioles and the Nationals. Angelos got 90 percent of the network, an interest that is being diminished a bit each year, and $75 million from baseball for a 10 percent stake that it gave to the Nationals. But Angelos’s stake will never go below two-thirds. […]

SNL Kagan estimated that the network’s revenue should hit $158.7 million this year.

Remember that when the O’s try and fail to sign Prince Fielder or any other big-ticket free agent this offseason.

10 thoughts on “The Nats Make Peter Angelos Even Filthier Rich All the Time”

  1. Yup, he’s a duplicitous, subsidized coward. He kept the Nats off most D.C. cable systems for two seasons. D.C. fans were punished because he didn’t believe Baltimore was a strong enough baseball town. I root for the man to fail and question why any Washingtonian would ever support his team after what he did.

  2. It sickens me what that man has done to my beloved O’s. The many nights as a teen I stayed up late watching the O’s have now turned into me being mildly interested in catching highlights from last nights game. Up yours Peter Angelos, may you and Dan Snyder move on to ruining an EPL team and leave our teams alone.

  3. Again, Jamie. I’m not denying that Angelos won’t make money off MASN some day. The going rate for TV rights is about $45 million/yr. MASN pays twice (O’s and Nats). And they have to pay ESPN for all their content. Plus those Georgetown football games..Yikes! And those Riggleman promo’s? Worthless.

    The revenue estimate is a guess of future earnings (even while cable subscribership drops). No way of knowing if MASN has made a nickle to date.

  4. Angelos is one of the few people in this world who I wish would die a slow and painful death. Well, not slow.. the sooner the better.

  5. “Remember that when the O’s try and fail to sign Prince Fielder or any other big-ticket free agent this offseason.”

    Wy would anyone come play in Baltimore. They cant even get their JUGGS machines to work properly.

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