26 thoughts on “Joe Theismann Disapproves of the Way Brandon Banks Scores TDs”

  1. Theismann is awful. Put Doc in the booth. Also Kenny Albert sucks. Maybe just let the radio guys do the tv also for the preseason. Sam deserves a bigger audience

  2. Banks accomplished an amazing feat. The fans get to yell and celebrate. Why can’t the person who had just exerted and accomplished his assignment be allowed to rejoice. Should he go sit quietly in a corner? His adrenaline is up at that time. I prefer not to have the post game interviews. Let the players have some down time.

  3. I love how Joey T INSISTS on “taking another look” right after the officials called it a touchdown, just to prove his “point”.

    What a douche.

  4. Joe Theisman is right and Banks is the douche bag for letting the ball go and hot dogging it before really making the touchdown complete so why they let it go I don’t know. Banks was really wrong and no hero!!

  5. I think if the kid was a real professional should run into the endzone drop the ball and go about his way back to the side like like it was just another day at the office. These young players have NO CLASS. ALL BLOW and IT IS ALL ABOUT ME attitudes

  6. Really r u all kidding me? Credit to him for his athletic ability and yes he should celebrate along with his team, but give me a break – play the sport, keep it real, make it count but do it with integrity, style and class not trying to be a stunt man and shame on those of you for dissing on Theisman. Open your eyes people, bring back some standards, ethics and quality. Get a grip!

  7. I didn’t see this football game, so I didn’t see what Brandon Banks did — but I do want to mention something similar I saw in an NFL game a few years ago, when the ball carrier spiked the ball — SPIKED the ball!! — into the end zone while he was still a few feet away from the goal line!!! The ball was in the end zone before the runner!
    And nobody saw it, noboy complained, and it was a touchdown!!

    How would they have ruled that one if they had seen it???

    I’m still scratching my head over that one!
    Wish I remembered the date and the teams…

  8. Commentators that choose to call players,”dumb and stupid,” need to be held accountable for being derogatory and prejudice. It’s really interesting the choice of words used to describe athletes of color, particulary black athletes.

  9. I miss the god ol’ days……when you are hired to do a job and you did it….part of being a reciever, QB, whatever… is to produce points for the TEAM to win. When he did manage a score, is it something wonderful!!!! What about all the blocks to open that hole up???? Nah…he did it all by himself and it was such a shock to him that he did his job right, he had to act all goofy!

  10. Lindsey, Whats with the race reference? Did u see the game? It WAS Idiotically STUPID! Doesnt matter if he was black or white, what he did was all about him, drawing attention to himself, instead of putting the team 1st. Its a team game, not an individual competition. If a white guy did it, he would of said it was stupid also. Quit race baiting and face reality. Its about being a professional. This aint college anymore Dorothy. This is The League and u get paid, so you ARE responsible to your employers and your co- employees. Truth be told its not a racial issue just cause he was called stupid. Looking at old tapes, the last 4 guys to hot dog before actually getting in the end zone, were black. Means nothing racially, cause 99% of kick returners and 79% of all players in the NFL are Black. So its almost impossible to see a white guy scoring a TD on a kick. So commentators are going to comment on stupid plays by stupid players.Now, Howard Cosell saying “Look at that little monkey run”, about a player who was black, was blatantly racist! See the difference. Quit being so sensitive, and blaming evderything on racism. Everyday you see in an interview, or in print, a black athlete saying, “Did u see what that white boy did”, or “No thanks, I got a ride with that white boy over there”. Those r just 2 Ive seen in the last 2 days. You dont see any white peeps crying racism, about being called white boys. I dont think they thought the black (guys) meant anything deragatory by it. Nor do I. But it is a double standard that has been accepted for whatever reason. How long do u think it would take to being contested, if a white guy in the national press said casually, “No thanks, I got a ride with that black boy over there,? Just sayin, it should either be acceptible both ways or not at all! True That!

  11. Please people, He’s still a kid (born 1986)…of course he’s still immature. But, making millions of dollars (probably, no is, more than what some of us are making. It’s entertainment. It’s what you all pay YOUR money to see. So, in other words DON’T HATE!

  12. Joe has always been a lousy personality in the booth. Someone must feel sorry for him or he would have been canned along time ago.

  13. OOOPS, THERE IT IS! I’m black. I’m female. and I saw it. If he had taken one more step and dropped the ball, nothing would have been said and he would have emerged a hero. But he didn’t and the consequences were conclusive. That was a ‘stupid move”. Nobody is calling him stupid. They are just calling it like it was, A STUPID EGO DRIVEN, I’M THE MAN MOVE! Lesson learned – make sure you’re in the end zone BEFORE you drop the ball and play the game for the whole team not just for yourself. But hey, that was a good run buddy. NOW enough said, gotta move ahead!

  14. It was a stupid Act… But a great run. Why is everyone so uptight….Also, its preseason where u make mistakes and correct them…. Calm down…

  15. Get off my TV Joe! Could you flip flop anymore? How about being absolutely sure you know what’s going on, when you absolutely don’t. Nice poem dude. Next time, keep it to yourself. Oh, and thanks for circling the ball for me when they showed a still shot of Banks with some unknown object in his hand, I never would have figured that one out on my own. I find it interesting how he uses words like down right bad, stupid, and simple. That’s exactly what I think about his commentary, stupid, simple, and down right bad!

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