Mike Flanagan, 1951-2011

O’s legend and Cy Young winner Mike Flanagan is dead, WBAL-TV reports. He was 59, and he was one hell of a left-hander.

Update: Richard Justice, who covered Flanny, penned a beautiful tribute.

Update No. 2: Video of Jim Palmer talking about his old friend, teammate and colleague is a must-watch.

Update No. 3:
WBAL is reporting that it was a suicide, caused in part by the Orioles’ continued struggles. As if this wasn’t already sad enough.

Update No. 4: Head to BLS for a great Flanny pic, stay for the words.

3 thoughts on “Mike Flanagan, 1951-2011”

  1. Stunning and sad. Call Jim Palmer a condescending pretentious asshole all you want, that guy seems genuinely honest and respectful of the game, his teammates and his friends.

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