Ryan Zimmerman Really Is Mr. Walk-Off

This is from Friday, so you probably saw it, but here it is for posterity:

Allow me to list the awesome things about this, beyond that it was a walk-off grand slam to beat the Phillies in a Phillies fans-filled Nats Park:

— The Phillies fan who got the HR ball actually raised his arms in triumph.
— Zim looked back at the Nats dugout before the ball even landed. Swag!
— Charlies Slowes’ HR call is about 1,000,000x better than Bob Carpenter’s.
— Zim received the rare pie in the face-Gatorade shower combo.
— This was Zim’s eighth walk-off HR in seven seasons, a new record.
— Zim is now four short of the all-time career walk-off HR record.

He is 26, he is ours and he is Mr. Walk-Off. We have the t-shirt to prove it.

3 thoughts on “Ryan Zimmerman Really Is Mr. Walk-Off”

  1. As I’ve stated on here before I’m not with the masses on the Carpenter hate but MI might be underestimating how much better Slowes call was.
    Few more things:
    -Zim’s effeminate helmet toss
    -His GS was part of a 6 run bottom of the ninth off Madsen
    -F Philly

  2. Got to keep in mind that a radio call requires a level of description that TV doesnt. But I think MI inception’d me into not liking Carpenter as much anymore, though FP is growing on me.

    I agree on your last point though Me. F Philly indeed.

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