This Desmond Howard Poster Is Amazing

Come to think of it, drafting Desmond Howard No. 4 overall in 1992 was the “dawn of a new era.” A shitty, spirit-crushing era that feels everlasting. Nice poster though, except for the “magic” part. I don’t know what that’s about, or why it was necessary.

The wall art comes via Fatpickled, which shares five Redskins posters from the ’90s. None are quite so good as the Posse poster, but still.

5 thoughts on “This Desmond Howard Poster Is Amazing”

  1. So if this poster came out after the Snyder Era you would (lumping you in with the media) have said this is a classic Snyder publicity stunt? If only fans of this Franchise know that the hollywood era of making money off your offseason aquisitions has been a staple of the Redskins for years. In this one aspect, we cant blame danny boy.

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