9 thoughts on “Georgetown’s Little Fight in Big China”

  1. Blue Devils vs. a better Chinese team at the same time:

    “Duke’s defensive effort was strong throughout the game holding the opposition to 20-of-61 shooting from the field while forcing 19 turnovers. The Chinese Olympic Team was able to stay in the game in large part to a huge discrepancy at the foul line, with China shooting 40 free throws to Duke’s 15.”

    The excessive discrepancy in calls that the Hoyas and their fans whine about happens all the time in international ball. Some teams just outplay it and walk away gracious winners & diplomats. Others spend the whole game trying to start shit and end up embarrassing their country in the process.

  2. Yes Johnny. Thankfully Duke is there to show the world that the real work of diplomacy is done on the hardwood by McDonalds All Americans matched up against “better” Chinese basketball players.

    Fuck Duke.

  3. I’ve watched both the videos maybe 50x each now, and a few things I’ve taken away:

    Both teams were seriously PISSED and wanted to hurt each other. I’ve never seen a team brawl become fierce so quickly. Usually it’s just one or two guys (Artest, eg).

    Also crazy how fast it started. One swing from a G-town player, and two Chinese players immediately responded, and the benches instantly cleared.

    In the worse video at about 0:25, you can see a Chinese player whaling on Georgetown player for five or six blows, and at about 0:35 the chairs start being grabbed and pushed.

    At 0:38 in either video, you can see a Chinese player grabbing a chair, ready to smash someone’s skull. Can you imagine if he’d knocked someone out with that?

    Pretty vicious. Hopefully it’s just an isolated incident.

  4. Also, the last 30 seconds of the worse clip, when the audience is raining trash and food down on the Hoyas as the leave the arena had serious shades of Pacers-Pistons

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