DMV: Non-Georgetown Fight Links

Ex-Cap Matt Bradley called out the Caps, esp. Alex Semin. [OFB, CI]

The ensuing “Sasha Cares” bar graphs are exceedingly awesome. [RMNB]

Stephen Strasburg got roughed up in his third rehabilitation start. [WaPo]

The Orioles’ pitching has been truly awful this year. [Krem’s Sports]

The Redskins claimed LB Thaddeus Gibson off of waivers. [The Insider]

Look out, Gano: The Redskins signed K Clint Stitser too. [The Insider]

LaRon Landry and Oshiomogho Atogwe are getting along swimmingly. [Bog]

It is extraordinarily unlikely that John Beck will be a good QB. [Bog]

Trent Williams is extraordinarily un-tech savvy for a 23-year-old. [Bog]

Tom Ziller has fun with Tracee Hamilton’s John Wall column. [SB Nation]

An AP story on JMU’s expanded football story lands in the Post. [WaPo]

Local sports TV anchors just aren’t what they used to be. [City Paper]

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