DMV: Mike Morse Keeps Being Amazing, Is Moving Back to Leftfield

Mike Morse doubled and homered as Chien-Ming Wang won his second straight. [WaPo]

Davey Johnson says the Nats are moving Morse back to LF. [All Nats]

Davey also says Ryan Zimmerman called his shot last night. [Nats Enquirer]

Awesome column about the Nats’ big four draft signings. [Tom Boswell]

Some speculation about the Nats’ September call-ups. [Nats Journal]

Brian Roberts still doesn’t have a timeline for his return. [O’s Insider]

John Beck is ready to start against Indy on Friday night. [The Insider]

Doc Walker is replacing Joe Theismann in the booth on Friday too. [Bog]

Sounds like RB James Davis just up and left Redskins camp. [The Insider]

The Haynesworth waitress-groping case gets a little spicier. [Crime Scene]

Rocky McIntosh, Sean Taylor implicated in the Miami scandal. [The Insider]

Maryland’s opener against Miami probably just got easier. [Testudo Times]

A good look at new Maryland football coach Randy Edsall. [Mike Wise]

Ted Leonsis’ $20M purchase was this year’s 2nd-biggest sale. [Curbed DC]

For $795k you can live next to Ovechkin. [Russian Machine Never Break]

Can’t believe you guys didn’t nominate us for this. [CBS Washington]

4 thoughts on “DMV: Mike Morse Keeps Being Amazing, Is Moving Back to Leftfield”

  1. The omission of Mr. Irrelevant is the greatest travesty since neither Hoop Dreams or Crumb were nominated for best documentary in 94/95

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