Jason Campbell Keeps Twisting the Knife

In our interview with Jason Campbell, he said he was the “scapegoat” for the Skins’ failings during his time in Washington. Fast forward eight months, and he’s saying pretty much the same thing to Mike Wise:

“So, you think they found out yet I wasn’t the source of all their problems?” said Campbell, whose 2009 line gave up the same number of sacks (46) as the 2010 line protecting first Donovan McNabb and then Grossman. “It really doesn’t matter who’s back there if you can’t protect him.”

Now, I don’t disagree with JC; the line was awful. Probably still is. But here’s the thing: Stop talking about it. He’s in a better place now. He should enjoy it, make the most of it. Because everybody knows this is nowhere.

16 thoughts on “Jason Campbell Keeps Twisting the Knife”

  1. Oakland is a pretty dreadful situation anyways. They have DMC and that’s about it.

    The point remains that he comes across as an ass to keep bringing this up. Sure he was sacked a lot, and sure he was competent, but he wasn’t a game changer in any event. Well, I guess it’s hard to tell if he would have been or not with the O-line, but still, grow up Jason.

    Also, I’d be willing to put money down that Mike Wise “enhanced” that quote.

  2. Im not sure the context, but I dont think JC is running around to West Coast reporters bringing up his days with the Skins. Wise called him and brought it all up is my hunch. JC was always cool, and I really wish we had him over Grossbeck

  3. Imagine if the Skins had Campbell vs. Grossbeck and last year’s 2nd-rounder and this year’s 3rd vs. McNabb. I’d probably expect them to be middle of the pack vs. bottom of the barrel. Either way, they’d still be rebuilding (hopefully).

  4. I love when you get half-aquarium drunkard with a post. JC was a nice guy, but doomed. I don’t think he was the answer even with a line, but it’s nice to know this team’s lack of protection screwed JC and Ramsey before they even had a chance. Andrew Luck might be best to apply for a 5th year of college if the skins end up the worst in the NFL.

  5. Jason Campbell was/is a average qb in the NFL. He was never the reason the Skins won games, but alot of the time was the reason they lost.

  6. And can we get a moratorium on the “rebuilding” talk. Norv Turner was trying to rebuild 20 years ago.

    They’ve been so bad for so long, they need to get back to “constructing.”

  7. Bright eyes no where near being in the same league as Neil Young. Bright eyes is more like our qb situation and Neil young is more like the patriots qb situation.

  8. JC needs to accept that he didn’t make decisions quickly enough and missed seeing wide open receivers… yes there were other issues, sometimes, but not all the time…

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