The Redskins’ True Offseason Champion

Because the Redskins didn’t throw big money at any one free agent and/or trade away valuable draft picks for aging veterans (yet!), we’re going to have to set our snark guns to SINCERE when naming this offseason’s true champion.

You may not have heard of him, I know I hadn’t, but his name is Eric Schaffer. He’s the Redskins’ VP of football administration, and here’s what his life was like during last week’s free-agent frenzy:

“Schaffer, 37, came to work on July 26 at 6:30. That was a Tuesday. He didn’t leave Redskins Park until Saturday, around 4 a.m. It was a work shift that lasted more than 90 hours. Schaffer didn’t sleep and didn’t shave. He was fueled by coffee and sporadic meals. He lost seven pounds.”

The guy didn’t sleep for four days. That’s the kind of work ethic that would make even Joe Gibbs say holy shit.

Click through for the whole story, which is fantastic and includes quotes from Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen, who did not pull all-nighters at Redskins Park. I’d like to believe Bruce Allen actually spent the week golfing each day and getting eight hours each night, per the usual.

Back to Schaffer, though: He’s “also the one who worked out Donovan McNabb’s extension, which allowed the Redskins to part ways with the quarterback with little financial obligation.” He’s a hero, I tell you.

2 thoughts on “The Redskins’ True Offseason Champion”

  1. I think he has actually been the “Salary Cap Specialist” for many years and worked on structuring contracts. He has always done an amazing job, somehow managing to squeeze all of Danny and Vinny’s shitty deals under the cap every year. Glad that they finally seem to be using his powers for good instead of evil.

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