DMV: No Headline, But Plenty of Links

Nats are trade deadline winners, the O’s losers. [Grantland, Grantland]

Ripping Jon Heyman a new one for naming the Nats losers. [Bang! Zoom!]

Jake Arietta’s out, and the O’s rotation is a hot mess. [Krem’s Sports]

The turnout at Redskins training camp is smaller than usual. [Bog]

Having fun with the Skin’ latest bad email campaign. [Bog]

Snyder’s response to the motion to dismiss is so Snyder. [City Desk]

Phillip Buchanon suspended four games for reasons unknown. [The Insider]

Rex Grossman and the Skins reach a deal. Details unknown. [The Insider]

The Skins are hosting Lofa Tatupa and Kelvin Hayden today. [The Insider]

The Redskins new punter, Sav Rocca, is old and Australian. [Fatpickled]

Video of Nick Young’s 60-point Drew League game. [Bullets Forever]

Five Guys is the fastest growing chain restaurant. [NBC Washington]

WHFS is back, this time at 97.5 on your FM dial. [DCist]

3 thoughts on “DMV: No Headline, But Plenty of Links”

  1. Don’t get all the hype about the Durant video. The guy can shoot, especially when what little D is being played on him is by guys giving up 6-8 inches.

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