Offseason Champs Update: Redskins Steal a Cowboy

The hits keep coming in this hyper-condensed version of NFL free agency. And I think the most recent news is quite encouraging. We needed help on the d-line, and it looks like we got a big piece.

The Skins signed defensive end Stephen Bowen away from the Cowboys to a 5-year $27.5 million deal. This does two great things; makes the Redskins better and makes the Cowboys worse. Bowen is 27, has great size and comes from a 3-4 defense. But don’t listen to me, listen to Bill Barnwell, a football stat junkie, who labeled Bowen a “buy-low” candidate on

“Stephen Bowen took over at defensive end last season for the Cowboys after Marcus Spears suffered a calf injury. He wasn’t exactly elite, but Bowen held his own as a starter on a bad team, producing seven hurries in the team’s final eight games. At 27, Bowen still has fresh legs, and his prototypical size (6-foot-5, 300-plus pounds) suggests a player who could break out with more playing time and experience,” Barnwell wrote.

Well, Stephen, we got plenty of playing time available. Give ’em hell. And signing Bowen away from the Cowboys makes the juice that much sweeter. According to a blog post from the Dallas Morning News, re-signing Bowen was a high priority for Big D. Suck it Jerry.

No dancing for Urkel or Jerry after Skins steal Bowen.

“This is a big blow for the Cowboys. Bowen, Marcus Spears and Jason Hatcher were all free agents, leaving Igor Olshansky as the only rotation player at defensive end under contract,” David Moore wrote for SportsDayDFW. “The stage was set for Bowen to start this season, which is why he was such a high priority.”

Barnwell also gave love to my new pet project, Tampa Bay guard Davin Joseph. I really want the Skins to get this guy. Somebody gas up Redskin One.

“Davin Joseph has gone underappreciated by virtue of suiting up for the small-market Buccaneers; when he’s been healthy, he has been one of the best guards in football,” Barnwell wrote. So we need this dude to sign and stay healthy. Got it.

The team said goodbye to Ma’ake Kemoeatu and Phil Daniels. I am sad to see Daniels go; he played hard, hurt and always kept his head above the fray in many a dismal Redskin Park locker room. Daniels was a class act throughout his time in DC and I wish him well. Plus he could squat 722 lbs. Yes, 722 lbs.

And a bunch of rookies signed. I am 100% in the tank for Leonard Hankerson. Screw Prime Time, I’m ready for HankTime. I really hope he pans out. I think most rookies have signed except for Kerrigan, which is fine since first round picks usually take a little longer.

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6 thoughts on “Offseason Champs Update: Redskins Steal a Cowboy”

  1. Am I the only one who kinda likes how this year’s free agency is being handled? Not for the Skins, but league wide. Maybe they can do it this way every year. Start the FA period 2 weeks before training camps start. Much more exicting.

  2. can anyone explain to me what the knock on resigning Rocky McIntosh is? who do the skins have to replace him?

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