In Typically Brilliant PR Move, Redskins Sack Official Team Blogger Matt Terl

Matt Terl and I have been Internet friendly for the few years since he was hired by the Redskins to be the first full-time official team blogger in major pro sports history (that I know of), so I’ll let others respond to his dismissal from the job. First, the facts.

This morning Terl took to the Extreme Skins message board to share the news and thank everyone for reading. A few hours later Redskins PR guy Tony Wyllie said Terl’s departure was due to a “restructuring” of their broadcasting and Internet division. Terl’s version: “[I’m] guessing I’m laid off. It’s not for performance or anything of that nature.”

After the jump, an extensive sampling of tweets from media members on the situation:

(Images taken with love from Hog Blogs and, respectively.)

David Elfin (former President, Pro Football Writers of America):

How do #Redskins keep blogger Matt Terl on staff during 4-month lockout & then whack him just when football’s coming back? Cruel & stupid.

Rich Campbell (Washington Times Redskins reporter):

So bummed that Matt Terl is no longer the Redskins’ blogger. All the best to a talented writer and good friend.

John Keim (Washington Examiner Redskins reporter):

Yet another good person gone

Mike Prada (SB Nation D.C. editor):

Damn, Matt Terl’s no longer with the #Redskins? Big loss, loved his work.

Hogs Haven (Redskins blog):

Whoa. #Redskins parted ways with Matt Terl? Best of luck Matt. Appreciated your work.

Burgundy Blog (Redskins blog):

@matt_terl You got stuck with three months of crane picks and then… this? I am outraged for you. Worst Redskins move of Snyder era.

Chris Mottram (SB Nation editor/my brother):

Good luck to blogbro @matt_terl. He did a great job w/ the Skins blog, and has a bright future as Bravo’s official Top Chef blogger.

Jack Kogod (Kissing Suzy Kolber blogger):

I can’t believe @matt_terl is no longer blogging for the #Redskins. I don’t know what they’re planning, but odds are it’s a mistake.

Grant Paulsen (106.7 the Fan Redskins reporter):

One of my favorite members of the DC media, @matt_terl, has apparently been let go by the #Redskins. He’s awesome and did a hell of a job.

Dan Hellie (NBC 4 sports anchor):

Terljam you will be missed. Matt Terl’s daily redskins blog was a daily go to for all fans and media. Good luck buddy. #redskinsmistake

Joe White (AP D.C. sports reporter):

While we’re waiting for lockout stakeout to end, we bid fond best wishes to Matt Terl, who did exemplary job as #Redskins official blogger.

Rick Maese (Washington Post Redskins reporter):

Best of luck to @Matt_Terl, the Redskins official blogger who was let go last week by the team. He was great at what he did

There were blog posts too. Read some of those at Kissing Suzy Kolber, It Is What It Is and Burgundy Blog if you like.

As for the Redskins Blog, it soldiered on today with four new posts written by a couple of interns. No mention was made of the site’s founding blogger.

6 thoughts on “In Typically Brilliant PR Move, Redskins Sack Official Team Blogger Matt Terl”

  1. Wow- the front office is clearly delusional if they thought that Terl’s blog was not a success or, even worse, if they thought it was a threat. It was one of the few PR bright spots that they have managed. This really takes the wind out of the sails right at the time that interest was starting to pick up again.

    I’m quickly coming to the realization that my support for the Redskins is nothing but learned helplessness.

  2. terl was one of the few brightspots of that trainwreck of a website. now we’ll hopefully be inundated with more advertising, half-off Hayneworth and McNabb jerseies and more Larry michael propaganda.

    this damn team has no sense.

  3. The fact that Frank Herzog, Frank Hanrahan, Larry Wesiman and now Matt Terl are deemed unacceptable to the Redskins while a Pravda flunkie like Larry Michael is untouchable tells you everything that you need to know about how utterly corrupt this organization is. Free the Redskins!

  4. Typical…..That mess of a webmaster over at DCRTV is two days behind with this story, but still acting like he broke it.

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