Nyjer Morgan Doing Nyjer Morgan Things

You may have seen this on SportsCenter or what have you, but Nyjer Morgan got into it with some Giants fans, because that’s what Nyjer Morgan does. That’s not necessarily the point of this post, though: The point is that Nyjer Morgan is putting up numbers in Milwaukee that rival his astounding 2009 run in Washington.

He’s posting a .327/.359/.474 slash line (batting average, on-base, slugging percentage). Here’s his ’09 slash line that got all of us so excited after Mike Rizzo sent Lastings Milledge and ’11 All-Star Joel Hanrahan to Pittsburgh for Morgan and ’11 flameout Sean Burnett: .351/.396/.435.

Of course, here’s what Morgan did last year in D.C.: .253/.319/.314 (career lows across the board). And of course, Morgan isn’t the player he’s showing himself to be right now in Milwaukee. He’ll come back to Earth at some point, space cadet though he may be.

Even at his worst Morgan posted a WAR number (1.0) that’s in line with what his replacements, Roger Bernadina and Rick Ankiel, have done (0.9), though Nyjer’s worst was even worse than that, all things considered.

I’m not sure what it all means, but I’m writing this without having watched him play this year, which is too bad.

(WAR stats via FanGraphs. I don’t really understand them still.)

3 thoughts on “Nyjer Morgan Doing Nyjer Morgan Things”

  1. word is it’s some combination of two fingers (he just caught the 2nd out) or a T for Tony Plush.

    WAR is a counting stat from a complex formula that estimates how much better a player is than a “replacement” (AAAA player, waiver pickup, keanu reeves, etc).

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