DMV: One Less Old Guy the Redskins Will Be Overpaying For

Four-time Pro Bowl nose man Kris Jenkins, once considered a free-agent target for the Redskins, is retiring. [PFT]

Who the Skins may turn to fill the NT gap. [CSN D.C.]

Ten things to know about Ryan Kerrigan. [Capital Games]

Snyder’s lawyers have until 8/1 to respond to City Paper’s dismissal. [WaPo]

Nice story about Anthony Armstrong re-enlisting a sailor. [Redskins Blog]

Nats lost to Houston, but, hey, Werth homered! [WaPo]

Video of fat Todd Coffey beating up a water cooler. [Nats Enquirer]

O’s got two-hit and shut out by Boston, lost 4-0. [The Sun]

If the O’s can trade Nick Markakis, they totally should. [Krem’s Sports]

JaVale McGee vs. Wilbon on Twitter. There are no winners here. [SB Nation]

The Caps waived 2008 1st-rounder Anton Gustafsson. [Caps Insider]

Here’s a childhood picture of Alex Ovechkin. [NHL Players as Kids]

Maryland’s athletic department sounds like it’s in financial ruin. [WaPo]

It’s official: JMU is playing WVU at FedEx on 9/15/12. [JMU Sports Blog]

6 thoughts on “DMV: One Less Old Guy the Redskins Will Be Overpaying For”

  1. Is there a Terps game the same time as that WVU vs. JMU game? When Penn State vs. Indiana was on the same day as Maryland vs. Florida State, the Terps got outdrawn by over 30,000.

  2. I assume that both Maryland and Virginia Tech have many more fans in the DC area than Penn State. Just about a lock. Lots of fans came down from PA/NJ for that one though. Not many came from the land of Mellencamp though.

    When VT was at FedEx against USC, that sold out.

    I don’t know how many WVU fans are around here or how motivated JMU grads are going to be for that one. As a JMU grad, would you be inclined to go to that game?

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