DMV: Strasburg Throws 95, Sparks New Round of Strasburg Mania

Stephen Strasburg hit 95 on the gun in a simulated game. [Nats Journal]

Strasburg should pitch in Sept. to “feel the game again.” [Tracee Hamilton]

Bryce Harper isn’t doing well at Harrisburg. [Nats Journal, Capital Games]

Bryce Harper got some pretty questionable tattoos last week. [Bog]

Speaking of questionable, Jayson Werth is sporting new facial hair. [Bog]

Chien Ming-Wang should be joining the Nats in late July. [Nats Journal]

The Nats lost to Houston, and the O’s beat Boston. [WaPo, The Sun]

Five reasons re-signing J.J. Hardy is a good thing. [B’more Sports Report]

Catching up with beloved 1989 Orioles ace Jeff Ballard. [Toy Dept.]

Hey, you can actually see D.C. landmarks from FedEx now. [Redskins Blog]

A local chapter of the ACLU is speaking out against Dan Snyder. [City Desk]

Santana Moss is having a party at a strip club, you guys. [Bog]

Unrelated: This Moss workout video is kind of awesome. [Hogs Haven]

Photos of Brandon Banks on the catwalk, yeah. [Redskins Blog]

Alex Ovechkin looks kind of fat, probably because he is kind of fat. [Bog]

Video of Evgeny Kuznetsov as a 12-year-old Russian phenom. [RMNB]

(Strasburg “Hype” poster image taken with love from Nationals Daily News.)

One thought on “DMV: Strasburg Throws 95, Sparks New Round of Strasburg Mania”

  1. I’m glad Bryce isn’t going to be called up anytime soon. He would have been crucified (even as an 18 year old) if he had those numbers playing in the majors.

    Also a bit more excited for Brian Peacock then Strasburg at this point…

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