DMV: Four Days Worth of Links (Whew)

The Nats won another one-run game, are now one game over .500. [WaPo]

Bryce Harper says he “was wanting out of” Single-A Hagerstown. [Bog]

Harper recorded two outfield assists in his second Double-A game. [WaPo]

Tyler Clippard an All-Star. Mike Morse is a Final Vote guy. [Nats Journal]

O’s waste Mitch Atkins’ strong debut to lose 7th in 8 games. [The Sun]

Matt Wieters is an All-Star. Adam Jones is a Final Vote guy. [O’s Insider]

O’s 3B Mark Reynolds is hitting home runs like crazy. [Steve Melewski]

George McPhee gets high praise for the Caps many moves. [Puck Daddy]

New guy Roman Hamrlik should play alongside Mike Green. [Japers’ Rink]

New (again) Cap Jeff Halpern just got married to a Redskinette. [Bog]

Alex Ovechkin thinks Toronto is in the U.S., maybe. [Puck Daddy]

Leonsis lectures Puck Daddy and Caps Insider on how to blog. [Ted’s Take]

Santana Moss pulls the curtain back on Dan Snyder a bit. [Bog]

A column calling for the Skins to deal McNabb ASAP. [Jason Reid]

Excluding McNabb, Skins have 0 of the NFL Network’s top 100. [Hogs Haven]

This guy’s Redskins room is out of control, really. [Burgundy Blog]

John Wall scored 41 points in his Goodman League debut. [Bog]

You knew this was coming: JaVale McGee, planking. [Capital Games]

Maryland G Justin Lewis was kicked off the football team. [The Sun]

3 thoughts on “DMV: Four Days Worth of Links (Whew)”

  1. The opening line of Reid’s column: “The NFL lockout has resulted in one positive development for Washington Redskins fans: At least Coach Mike Shanahan couldn’t do more damage to the team.”

    Strong words that strike me as hollow. Reid tries to tear Shannahan to shreds in the column but it strikes me as phony. Maybe Reid is just too nice a guy. Maybe his efforts to join the attention-grabbing-extremist-talking-heads types is transparent. Maybe I just don’t believe that someone could muster this sort of passion about managerial decisions in the July of a locked out summer.

    Either way, if this is who Reid is going to be for the Post, he should take some lessons from Wilbon/Cowherd or GTFO.

  2. Let’s hope the Vikings consult that top 100 list and not McNabb’s game footage, statistics, teammates, coaches, or eagles/redskins fans. Maybe then we could get a real 4th round pick in next year’s draft instead of the fake 4th rounder we got for Jason Campbell.

  3. damn lumping Wilbon in with Cowherd is rough ThisGuy. I think he’s a shell of what he once was but he hasn’t fallen that far.

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