Do Not Want: Jim Palmer’s Fitness Book

I just love that cover. The lighting, the type color, the Jockeys, the pose … you can almost smell his musk. And it can be yours on eBay (via Camden Chat) right now for just $6.99. The description:

Here is an excellent condition 1985 First Edition hardcover book with dust jacket. The Baltimore Orioles’ great Hall of Fame pitcher, Jim Palmer outlines his fitness routine. 169 pages. Filled with great photos. This book is very clean and tight.

Clean and tight for sure, and I bet the photos are great. Still, do not want.

5 thoughts on “Do Not Want: Jim Palmer’s Fitness Book”

  1. God I hate Jim Palmer. The guy does nothing but reference himself at every opportunity.

    Ex. Bedard has a slow move to first. You need a good pickoff move to first if you want to be a Cy Young Award winner. I remember in 1973 I had a great move and went on to win the Cy Young award. I had troubles the next couple years, but I regained my move in 1976 to win the Cy Young Award again.

  2. That cover is photoshop/internet meme gold.

    I used to really hate Palmer, but the guy provides in depth insight when he talks about the game. Could he dial the pretension down from 11, sure. But who are we to tell a two time Cy Young Award winner to stop being so right all of the time? He still one of the biggest names in Baltimore baseball and he played 40 years ago.

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