DMV: It Appears Luke Scott May’ve Died

Luke Scott’s teammates had some fun with his injurious catch, taping the outline of where he hit the wall. Also, Scott says he doesn’t have cable; “all the stuff” gets him too “fired up.” [Steve Melewski]

The O’s have started contract talks with J.J. Hardy. [O’s Insider]

O’s lose to St. Louis to rach new season-worst record. [The Sun]

Nats lose third straight despite Jordan Zimmermann’s CG. [WaPo]

Ryan Zimmerman’s new throwing motion isn’t going so swell. [Nats Journal]

Get the awesome backstory to Roger Bernadina’s nickname. [Bog]

Nats sign ex-Philly RP J.C. Romero to minor league deal. [Goessling Game]

Semyon Varlamov is choosing the KHL over the Caps. [Puck Daddy]

These Caps nesting dolls are sweet. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

Having some fun with the Maryland football website. [EDSBS]

A primer for what post-lockout free agency will look like. [The Insider]

Translating Jan Vesely’s Euroleague stats to the NBA. [Bullets Forever]

John Wall gets down with some planking. [FUCKYEAHJOHNWALL]

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