DMV: Cooley Plays Football With Regular Guys Because Cooley Is Awesome

Chris Cooley satisfied his gridiron jones by playing flag football with a bunch of dudes and there are fun highlights, including some guy stealing a jump ball from him (above), him registering a sack, rumbling downfield, etc. Notice there are none of him trying to throw. [Capital Games]

McNabb says something about proving people wrong. [Redskins Blog]

McNabb’s birthday party materials are kind of bizarre. [Bog]

These Redskins nesting dolls are the worst thing ever. [Redskins Blog]

More pics of the construction going on at FedEx Field. [Redskins Blog]

Nats win in improbable fashion on Wil Ramos’ walk-off home run. [WaPo]

See many, many scenes from the Nats’ walk-off celebration. [Bog]

Giving credit to Jim Riggleman for the Nats’ success. [Capitol Punishment]

Danny Espinosa is running away with Rookie of the Year. [Goessling Game]

Jayson Werth shaved his beard! [Nats Enquirer, Nats Inquisition]

The Nats should still be sellers, if anything, at the deadline. [Nats Baseball]

Pudge celebrates the 20th anniversary of his ML debut. [Nats Journal]

Bryce Harper went 0-2 in the South Atlantic League ASG. [WaPo]

O’s lost to Pittsburgh 9-3 as both teams wore sweet throwbacks. [Sun]

The latest on the Wiz possibly moving up for Enes Kanter. [Wiz Insider]

John Wall wears a Flyers hat, which is kind of weird. [Truth About It]

Nick Backstrom is No. 7 in the NHL in jersey sales, surprisingly. [Bog]

Terps may be playing more games at M&T Bank Stadium. [Testudo Times]

Ex-JMU player/current Eagle Akeem Jordan was arrested in H’burg. [PDN]

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