Photo: Mike Morse’s Black-Tie Mullet

You may have read about the Nats’ Dream Foundation gala on the Bog, or seen these pics from Miss Chatter and Cheryl Nichols. What really must be seen, though, is Mike Morse’s hair (via @cnichols14):

Not sure what’s happening there, but a fancy mullet appears to be involved. Chris and I took it from there in GChat:

me: that pic + snappy headline = blog post.
me: got headline ideas?
Mike Morse Sure Does Clean Up Nice
Chris: Mike Morse Has A Beautiful Mullet Hiding Under That Hat
me: Mike Morse’s Slicked-Back Mulletude
MIke Morse’s Black-Tie Mullet
Chris: Mike Morse’s Hair Is Here For The Party
me: The Only Thing Better Than Mike Morse’s Hitting Is His Formal Wear

Feel like we could’ve done better. Give it a shot in the comments if you like.

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