DMV: Espinosa Does the Victory Dance

Nats win their 6th straight, sweeping St. Louis on a Danny Espinosa walk-off HR in the 10th. The Nats, BTW, are no longer in last place. [WaPo, Nats NQ]

A fun, quick look at the Nats’ long-shot wild card chances. [Nats Journal]

Mike Morse isn’t the only Nat with a Beast Mode t-shirt. [Bog]

Bowden lists O’s and Nats as destinations for Prince Fielder. [GM’s Office]

O’s win their first game in 17 (17!) tries at Toronto. [The Sun]

Vlad Guerrero picked up his 2,500 hit. [Baltimore Sports Report]

See where Daniel Snyder’s private jet has flown the past four years. [Bog]

A fan from the crowd joined Redskins practice yesterday. [The Insider]

Where some Redskins rank in NFL position power rankings. [Redskins Blog]

Olaf Kolzig is coming back to the Caps as an assistant goalie coach. [RMNB]

My two favorite hockey blogs are throwing a hockey party. [Japers’ Rink]

New Belgium brews are coming to the DMV in late-August. [Young & Hungry]

(If you don’t get the headline you obviously weren’t listening to My Morning Jacket’s new one as much as we were at Chris’ bachelor gnarty.)

7 thoughts on “DMV: Espinosa Does the Victory Dance”

  1. Does having their live album count? No? Well, I did kinda sorta see them at 9:30 once, but it was so packed we couldn’t even see the stage, which is almost impossible at 9:30.

  2. Close. That is their most enjoyable album. To me, there’s no better live band on the planet right now. When you have the chance…

  3. Saw them at DAR once and it was a great show but not the venue you want to see them. Almost rather have not seen them at a packed 930 club.

  4. I will be attending the Charlotte My Morning Jacket show and the one at Merriweather. August is going to be a great month. The Nationals competing for a wild card birth and two My Morning Jacket shows.

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