New Nats Park Scoreboard Walk Review: ‘A Chill Vibe’ That ‘Kind of Works’

Here with a guest post is Mr. Irrelevant Writer at Large JP Finlay.

I hit the Nats-Cards game the same night as the debut of the “iconic” redone Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk. The new area was cool, if a little random, and the restaurants all seemed to be putting out good food.

My buddy Ewoldt (of Hogs Haven) got the fancy garlic-parmesan fries with some fancy mayo dipping sauce from the Fancy $10 French Fry Place and I stole a few. They were good, not on the level of Belga Café or Brasserie Beck, but still good.

The line for Shake Shack was way too long, but some old lady I asked said she liked it. (First rate reporting.) The new BBQ joint gave me an odd mix of emotions. First, the smell of sweet and spicy hit my nose and triggered an immediate reaction of pleasure, but quickly memory kicked in and I was pissed I wasn’t eating Boog’s.

I wanted to try the corn that Steinberg wrote about, but instead I got another beer. You’ve got to spend wisely at $8.50 a pop. Alas, the two hot dogs I got on Half Street held me over for the game. Considering the price ($2 a dog) and line (there wasn’t one) my culinary experience suited me just fine.

Nats brass is going for a chill vibe in the refurbished section of the stadium. There are low-slung chairs, couches, and angled, artistic “sails” hanging overhead. Below is a green bed of FeildTurf, plush and comfortable. It made me want to take my shoes off and walk around. Imagine a trendy K St.-style lounge, but at a ballpark. That’s what they’re going for, and, yes, I know that sounds ridiculous. And, even stranger, it kind of works.

Now the boozing/hanging out/people watching area extends from the Red Loft all the way to right field. The new area isn’t for families, and let’s hope it doesn’t get overrun. Take the kids to Build-A-Bear.

It is well done. Iconic? No chance.

But maybe we don’t need iconic. We just need better. It’s happening on the field with the recent five-game win streak, and the talent in the minors is a mix of encouraging and jaw-dropping. Now improvement is happening at the park. It’s a good thing.

If only we didn’t have those damn outfield garages. There’s something quite iconic behind them.

(Image taken with love from JDLand, which has all sorts of pics.)

4 thoughts on “New Nats Park Scoreboard Walk Review: ‘A Chill Vibe’ That ‘Kind of Works’”

  1. Mayo with your fries? How European Ewoldt. You know what else is European? Eating and drinking while not watching baseball.

    Good report, looking forward to checking it out next time I go to a game though.

  2. Shake Shack is totally overrated. I live two blks from one, and the burgers are good, but hardly the orgasmic mind-warping experience the lines would lead one to believe.

    Still, I’m psyched to get my first Nats game of the season in next week.

  3. Having been to a cricket match, the Nats aren’t much more exciting (pre-Cards series).

    Red Loft was entertaining. JP, I’m a little upset that you left out the Red Loft in your writeup. This Georgia hottie tried to convince us she was 20. When we (that being JP and another friend) laughed in her face and told her to beat it, it was clear her night was ruined. She just stood to the side and kept bringing over younger friends to vouch for her. Ah…Red Loft fun.

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