O’s Outfielders Replace Flying Hip Bump With Loving Group Hug

Big League Stew tried to ban the hip bump three years ago. Three years later, against reason, it persists across sports with balls played by men who enjoy leaping in the air to touch heines in celebration.

Exceptions to this obnoxiousness are O’s outfielders Adam Jones, Felix Pie and Nolan Reimold, who have finally stopped hip bumping and started hugging. According to Jones via Camden Chat:

It turns out that when the outfielders did their jump and bump, Adam Jones’ foot frequently came down on Pie’s foot. And as Adam said, “I weigh 220. That’ll hurt anyone.” In an effort to keep that from happening, Felix decided that a group hug was just as effective a game ending technique, and one that wouldn’t result in his foot getting stomped.

In related news, I love Felix Pie.

I think we all do.

8 thoughts on “O’s Outfielders Replace Flying Hip Bump With Loving Group Hug”

  1. They probably stopped hip-bumping because they kept on accidentally infecting eachother with STDs that they picked up around that shit city. I don’t give a fuck how the o’s celebrate, but I guess it’s news worthy since it happens so infrequently.

  2. the O’s celebrate more than the Nats. This year, two years ago, the year before that… how else do you end up with the 1st overall pick every year?

    why are Nat’s fans so angry all the time? you finally have your own team now; try going to the games and supporting your team instead of reckless ranting on the internet.

  3. Not that it matters, but the 0’s picked before the Nats this year. pretty funny… a 0’s fan talking about fan support.. enjoy a 14th consecutive losing season. What a streak.

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