10 thoughts on “Dylan Bundy Is ‘Better Than Strasburg’”

  1. Saying Bundy is better than Strasburg is like looking at grapes and saying “This wine tastes fantastic!”

  2. I can’t really put much stock in Olney’s analysis, ever. I guess the guy needed to take a break from bitching about charging the catchers in MLB.

    That said, Bundy does have better mechanics than Strasburg.

  3. Da Strasburg is the best. Da Strasburg will be compete for years and #1 pitcher. Da Strasburg will fuck your mother.

  4. Well, I will say it for you Jamie Mottran:
    Bundy IS better than Strasburg. His mechanics, his repeatable delivery, his velocity and command and most importantly, his unworldly fitness and attention to detail pertaining to how he goes about his conditioning.

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