DMV: Adam Jones’ ‘A-Mays-ing’ Catch

Adam Jones not only hit a second-deck homer against Seattle, the team that traded him away, but he also made this terrific, over-the-shoulder, basket catch. Better than Roger Bernadina’s amazing grab? I think so. [BSR, BLS]

O’s won in Brian Matusz’ first start of 2011, stopping a six-game skid. [Sun]

Nats beat Phillies, and take the series, on Laynce Nix’s heroics. [WaPo]

Jim Riggleman says he’s not a small ball guy. Data disagrees. [FJB]

Drew Storen’s campaign-style ad to make the Nats America’s team. [Bog]

Snyder, Feldman, Czarniak and Hellie just get scorched here. [Deadspin]

Take a first look at Brandon Banks’ stab wound if you like. [Bog]

Redskins are handling this Kenny Chesney concert very Redskins-y. [Bog]

Caps sign 23-year-old Swedish C/RW Mattias Sjögren. [Japers’ Rink]

7 thoughts on “DMV: Adam Jones’ ‘A-Mays-ing’ Catch”

  1. as a 100% impartial nats fan and avowed baltimore hater, i feel that nix’s catch yesterday was better than jones’

  2. Jones’s was sick and better than Nix’s, but Bernadina’s beats them both.

    The thing about Nix’s, though, is that he had no business catching that ball.

    Bernadina’s was essentially both of those put together: laying out and over-the-shoulder. He also gets style points for the snow cone.

  3. to me, nix wins when you add in game situation. i don’t buy his quotes that he planned it that way but the tying and losing runs would’ve scored if he didn’t make that play. bases were empty for jones

  4. of course you think the jones catch was better than Bernadina’s… but it was not. Do you have a clip of when the ball bounced off Jones’ glove for a HR in the Nats series?

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