Jose Bautista Used to Play for the Orioles

No, not that Jose Bautista, O’s fans. This Jose Bautista, the good one:

If I’d known this once I’d forgotten it, but baseball’s best hitter, Joey Bats, broke into the bigs with Baltimore in 2004. He got 11 at-bats before being waived and picked up by Tampa Bay.

Four teams and six years later, he led Major League Baseball in home runs. Bautista already has another 18 this season, or three times that of Orioles leader Luke Scott.

4 thoughts on “Jose Bautista Used to Play for the Orioles”

  1. Jose Bautista/Jayson Werth in the OF corners at OPACY would have been something.

    But then again, so would Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore and Brandon Phillips playing for the Nats.

  2. The list of players the O’s had and let go who went on the great or great periods in their careers is vast. And to be fair to the Orioles, this guy was let go by 4 others teams, so there is that too…

  3. To be clear, every team probably has their ones that got away. Bautista is especially interesting to me in that a) he’s unbelievable, and has only become so relatively late in his career and b) I had no idea he was ever an Oriole.

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