DMV: Pump Your Brakes, Bryce Harper

Mike Rizzo says Baseball Bieber won’t play for the Nats this year, so we can all cool out for a bit. [Nats Insider]

Adam LaRoche is batting .177 with no power. That’s a problem. [Nats Journal]

Nats do right by sticking with Desmond, Espinosa and Ramos. [Nats Baseball]

Nats get shutout at New York. O’s lose in 15th to New York. [WaPo, Sun]

We’re at the point where there’s a backlash to John Beck. [Redskins Blog]

Don’t forget about the Sex Cannon. [Early Lead]

Carlos Rogers sounds like he knows he’s done in D.C. [CBS Washington]

Dan Steinberg catches up with old Redskin Shar Pourdanesh. [Bog]

Mock drafts are all over the place on the Wizards’ pick. [Wiz Insider]

Video: 4-year-old Caps fans knows hockey. [Russian Machine Never Break]

The Sports Junkies gang up on Thom Loverro, who started it. [Bog]

A D.C. United rookie ate a plate of raw jellyfish for $40, y’all. [Bog]

2 thoughts on “DMV: Pump Your Brakes, Bryce Harper”

  1. Damn, sounds like Rogers is a little bitter. He may not have had the interceptions like Hall and Springs, but it wasnt for lack of chances. Hell, he drops 1 sure TD a season. That said, I hope he comes back, he could tackle and wasn’t a huge liability. Just hope they don’t overpay. He has a huge chip on his shoulder though.

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