DMV: Balls Be Kind to the Wiz Tonight

Our version of the NBA Finals, the draft lottery, is tonight. The Wiz have the 4th-most balls in the hopper and are reportedly high on 18-year-old Turkish big Enes Kanter. (Pray for DW.) [Bullets Forever]

The bestest Andray Blatche-KG thing of the day. [Super Cool Zs]

Nats honor vets by playing Cee Lo’s “Fuck You.” [Bog]

A couple of strange Strasburg jerseys for you. [Bog]

Bruce Boudreau sat in the front row. [Nats Enquirer]

Nats beat Pittsburgh on Espinosa’s HR; O’s blow it to Boston. [WaPo, Sun]

Peter King commented on a Redskins rumor that wasn’t true at all. [Bog]

Reporting the shit out of the Rypien lingerie football story. [Redskins Blog]

John Beck, the starter, gives a very John Beck radio interview. [Bog]

Ex-Redskin Ken Harvey is writing a novel about an ex-Redskin. [Bog]

“The Capitals should trade Mike Green.” [Russian Machine Never Break]

Lefty approves of the Mark Turgeon hire. [College Basketball Nation]

Under Armour owner Kevin Plank is into horse racing for real. [WaPo]

3 thoughts on “DMV: Balls Be Kind to the Wiz Tonight”

  1. Nats honor vets by playing Cee Lo’s “Fuck You.”

    oh they did? Or are you just stretching the truth a bit to make the Nats look bad.. as you tend to do?

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