Watch Roger Bernadina’s Amazing Catch

This one has all the ingredients of a great catch:

— bad route to the ball
— full-on extended leap
— a total snow cone grab
— the rockiest of landings
— and a Todd Coffee fist pump

Not sure what more you can ask for than that. Thank you, Roger Bernadina. I have no idea why they call you the Shark, but it works for me.

5 thoughts on “Watch Roger Bernadina’s Amazing Catch”

  1. Thank God for DVR! I went upstairs to make a drink & as I came back to the confines of my man-cave, was when I caught the live shot of him doing the Superman.

    I literally went WTF & clicked rewind…6 times.

  2. I don’t know how you can say that was a bad route to the ball. Stanton absolutely smoked that ball and Bernie got a great jump on it. He did what any outfielder is supposed to do and go directly to where the ball should land. I didn’t see any twist or turn of his body (unlike previous Nats CFers Nook Logan, Lastings Milledge, Nyjer Morgan, etc).

  3. “I don’t know how you can say that was a bad route to the ball.”

    Thats exactly what I was thinking. They always have to throw something negative in there if it’s regarding the Nats though.

    Best catch I’ve ever seen live, by far.

  4. I was just going by what those in the stadium were saying, b/c the broadcast didn’t pick up a visual on Bernadina until the ball was well on its way. My guess is that he didn’t get a good jump but made up for it nonetheless.

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