DMV: Drew Storen Is Kicking Some Ass

Closer of the Future/Present Drew Storen leads the league in consecutive scoreless IP and ERA (for pitchers with 18 or more IP). [Nats Journal]

Nyjer Morgan continues to act foolishly. [Nats Inquisition]

Next Monday is $1 Monday at Nats Park. [DCist]

Mark Turgeon impressed in his intro presser. [Testudo Times, Dagger]

Reporting on what went wrong between Maryland and Sean Miller. [The Sun]

Bernard Hopkins: Donovan McNabb isn’t black enough. [Shutdown Corner]

Redskins Clint Oldenburg volunteers for the Nats in his free time. [Bog]

Meet two awesome, bat shit-crazy Redskins fans. [Redskins Blog]

Mottram-fueled speculation on a possible Wizards name change. [Bog]

Advocating for the Wiz to stay away from a name change. [We Love DC]

John Wall’s a near-unanimous All-Rookie Team selection. [Wiz Insider]

JaVale McGee’s the proud owner of a new world record. [Capital Games]

Karl Alzner has the 7th-most fascinating beard of the playoffs. [Puck Daddy]

Bill Simmons may or may not be recruiting Tony Kornheiser for ESPN. [Bog]

One thought on “DMV: Drew Storen Is Kicking Some Ass”

  1. I’d like to see Tony K write again, but what’s the point now that Dan Snyder confiscated his brickbat?

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