16 thoughts on “Opinion Poll: The New Wizards Uniforms”

  1. Jerseys are amazing. Cut is perfect. Bars are legit. Only issue is the awful old wizard logo with updated colors. please let the DC logo be the primary logo…

  2. I’m also not a big fan of the logo. The red wasn’t good at first glance but the more I look it’s growing on me. Love the white jerseys.

  3. Such an improvement over the teal and gold disaster, but I’m still not wild about them. Still a like I guess. I wish it was just a solid white and a solid red.

  4. The red wizard logo legitimately hurts my eyes. DC logo and color scheme look good. Still salty about the team name not being Bullets.

  5. The Bullets ARE NOT COMING BACK. Yes, it sucks. But Leonsis can’t stomp all over the grave of his former business partner and undo the decision. I think as fans we need to move on and accept these small uniform options.

  6. The jerseys look much better, but I thought they were replacing the logo of the wizard. That logo honestly looks worse to me with the new colors than the old ones. Hopefully that’s only a short-term fix.

  7. Oops, I missed the basketball/monument logo and the dc/hands logo, both of which are hopefully used much more than the wizard. Hooray for improvement!

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