DMV: Bryce Harper Has a New Mustache

Baseball Bieber sprouted some lip fur. He also has a 1.161 OPS in 28 games at Hagerstown. [Nats Inquisition]

The Nats are striking out and not hitting home runs A LOT. [Nats Journal]

Tyler Clippard faced and struck out six batters Friday night. [Nats Journal]

As we’ve noted, the Nats better be careful with their Curly W. [City Desk]

Videos: Gary tribute video and Gary’s farewell speech. [Testudo Times]

Maryland isn’t getting Sean Miller, and it’s not getting Mike Brey either. [TT]

Maryland’s Miller fiasco wasn’t helped by ESPN 980’s reporting. [Bog]

The latest Terps rumors revolve around Texas A&M’s Mark Turgeon. [TT]

Maryland’s hire, though, may be 28-y-o assistant Rob Ehsan. [Toy Dept.]

The top Caps blog in all the land calls for Boudreau’s firing. [Japers’ Rink]

The top NHL blog in all the land calls that “fuckin’ dumb.” [Puck Daddy]

A Washington Examiner Dan Snyder cartoon you have to see. [Bog]

The Wizards’ new look debuts tomorrow. Here’s one fan’s attempt. [WWW]

2 thoughts on “DMV: Bryce Harper Has a New Mustache”

  1. Bryce Humper.

    I don’t know why there’s all of this talk about him playing RF. if he’s as athletic as everyone says, and keeps making fantastic defensive plays in the OF.. make him the center fielder… In September. The Nats sure could use a center fielder, amongst other things..

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