Redskins Turned One Draft Pick Into Six

I don’t know if the players the Redskins select in this draft will pan out. No one does. I do know, though, that the more selections they make the more likely it is that some of them pan out. Everyone does, except for the Redskins it seemed, until now.

Starting yesterday with a trade down from No. 10 overall, a flurry of deals swung by the Shanahan-Allen adminstration resulted in Washington turning that single pick into six. They are:

1. 1st round, 16th overall — Ryan Kerrigan, OLB, Purdue

2. 3rd round, 79th overall — Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami

3. 4th round, 127th overall — TBD

4. 5th round, 152nd overall — TBD

5. 5th round, 156th overall — TBD

6. 7th round, 217th overall — TBD

So they picked up five additional picks by moving down six spots in the first round. Brilliant. They also grabbed Clemson DE Jarvis Jenkins at No. 41 overall and have 13 total picks in this draft. That’s one more than they had in the past two drafts combined.

That’s how you go about fixing a brokedown team with holes all over the roster, even if there will be holes still. Even if it may not be a quick fix. Especially if it’s not a quick fix.

We don’t say this often, so be sure to say it now: The Redskins got it right.

9 thoughts on “Redskins Turned One Draft Pick Into Six”

  1. I am similarly amazed at how well this went. Maybe we can have a lockout every draft so Snyder’s not tempted to trade everything away for a fading (or faded) superstar. This also makes me think that Shanahan will get run out of town by Danny Boy next offseason, for showing him up.

  2. This is the Washington Redskins right? Just when I think they couldn’t possibly be any dumber, they go and do something like this…and totally redeem themselves!

    Of course it’s still early and they have Saturday, Sunday and the free agency period.

  3. When the #9 pick went down, I got depressed and started to convince myself that a QB wouldnt be a bad pick, then when I saw the #10 switch from WAS to JAC, I felt like we had just won the Super Bowl. Each time I saw them trade back, I got a little more excited. From 7 picks to 13 without losing our first and our second this year or next year. Thats something right there.

  4. This is really beautiful. But on the blogosphere it’s amazing how many Redskins fans hated it. Great moves. I don’t even care what positions we grab at this point, just get some young talent on this team.

  5. Great moves by Bruce and the gang I hope they focus on the O line with a couple of picks…I’m still stunned about the QB situation

  6. In an unprecedented development, with their 6th round pick the washington redskins have given Malcolm Kelly TO Nebraska.

  7. I’m absolutely psyched about the first three picks. Stunned and psyched, stunned that I’m psyched.

    And of the other 9 (!), if we get one starter and two or three key reserves out of it that is a success.

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